Eagle Hill Voices

Eagle Hill Voices

Mrs. Kathleen (Kitty) Popow, vocal educator

Chorus Description

Eagle Hill Voices is an auditioned 5th and 6th grade chorus that performs with a one/two-year commitment, much like a sports team. If students have been accepted into the chorus as a 5th grader then their commitment is through 6th grade. (Please note: As with any school organization, there will always be exceptions to the 'rule.' Should you feel you have an exceptional situation that will not support a two year commitment, please feel free to talk with me.) If students are 6th graders, the commitment is only during their 6th grade year. This process insures that students will: sing beautifully in-tune, interpret musical scores with intelligence, develop a keen sense of inner hearing, memorize music quickly and accurately, follow a director, use good vocal technique when singing, enunciate words more clearly (diction), and develop a sense of a choral community.

Auditions are held the first full week of school in September. Students may sign-up for an audition time on the music bulletin board during that week.  Auditions consist of singing Happy Birthday, singing intervals, singing melodies, and clapping rhythm patterns.  Students do not need to audition with a prepared sung audition piece.

Concert Schedule

    Manlius Tree Lighting (usually the first Sunday in
    December at 4:00 pm)
    Shoppingtown Mall Concert (usually the last week of school     in December at 7:00 pm)
    Eagle Hill Evening Concert (at 7:00 pm)
    "Together We Sing" (in-house, during the school day,
    performance with another county chorus)

Concert Dress
Voices purchase a logo t-shirt for $15 in October and this is worn with jeans and sneakers.

Choral Commitment
I, promise to
    . . . love, honor, and watch over my fellow choristers,
    . . . consider each chorister’s interests ahead of my own,
    . . . speak respectfully to and of each chorister regardless of
          our differences,
    . . . forgive each chorister when they are sorry,
    . . . comfort each chorister when they are sad,
    . . . rejoice with each chorister when they are happy,
    . . . take care of everything I have been given,
    . . . not create unnecessary work for others,
    . . . act in public, with the same integrity I use during

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