Indonesian Dance


  • Every dance movement means something
  • Dances tell a story when you put together the dance movements
  • The story usually has some religious significance

  •  The dances are usually specially prepared for the certain occassion.



  • There are masked and unmasked dances.


  • Indonesian dance is extremely connected to religion.
  • If one person messes up, the entire story could be ruined.
  • Balinese dance was first discovered in the 8th century.

Kinds of Dances

Welcome Dance Costume


This is a Balinese dance of welcome. Perfomed in Bali at the beginning of an artistic ceremony. It permits the temple dancers to welcome the visiters and to pay them homage with a rain of flower petals.

Oleg Tamulilingan (Bumblebee Dance) Costume: Adult Female


This is a Balinese dance that evokes the love between two bumblebees.This dance is one of the last creations of the celebrated dance teacher, I Mario, in the 1950's.

This Balinese dance expresses the character of a young man who is proud and sure of himself, in the prime of his life. "Taruna" means "young man" and "Jaya" means "victorious". But his mood changes quickly, sometimes he is smiling and sometimes angry or provocitive. This dance is from Northern Bali known for its fast and dynamic music.


This is a new Balinese dance creation which represents young herons with their mother in the middle of a pond flying here and there looking for food.
 Made by Bagong Kusiardjo

This dance represents a woman warrior armed with a bow and arrow."Wira" means "warrior" and "Pertiwi" means "homeland".

































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