Indonesian Instruments

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Indonesian Instruments


This is a ceng-ceng, carved to look like a turtle. With small cymbals attached to the base, struck by cymbals held in the hands, the ceng-ceng represents our noisy human world.


aromatic, colorful flowers adorn the kadjar.

Pictured at left are various gongs used in a Balinese Gamelan orchestra.

A decorative umbrella graces the reong, a series of tuned pots that serve as both melodic and percussive instruments.


This is picture an arrangement of flowers and the hand-made Tunas Mekar fan with kadjar and kendang.

  A kempul is a type of hanging 

gong used in balineses Gamelan Orchestra.

  This is a gendér and it is a type of metallophone used in a balinese gamelan orchestra.
  This is a Saron. It consists of seven bronze bars placed on top of a frame. You use a mallet to play it. 


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