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Mrs. Dixon's Home Page » Reading


Reading Instruction in
First Grade

Throughout the year the children will learn the answers to these essential questions:

What is my job/role in reading workshop?

What strategies can I use in order to figure out an unknown word?

How can I become a more fluent, strategic reader?

Dixon Den first graders bring their book folders home Monday through Friday. Your child should be reading at least one to three books or chapters from their book folder each night that the folder comes home. It is best for your child to read aloud to an adult for encouragement and help with expression. Rather than teach children how to "sound out words," we teach the more effective strageties listed below. Please help your child to return all of his/her books in the book folder each day!

Remember to use your reading strategies:

  • Take a picture walk through your new book first.
  • Look at the picture.
  • Think about the story.
  • Skip the tricky word, read to the end of the sentence to gain meaning, and then reread the sentence.
  • Get your mouth ready with the first sound of a tricky word.
  • Look for chunks or blends that you know.he
  • Ask. . .  Does the word look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense in the sentence?       

Try these fun reading ideas! 

  • Read to a family pet or stuffed animal.

  • Build a tent with blankets and read inside.

  • Fill the bathtub with pillows (no water!) and lounge inside with some great books.

  • Read with a flashlight under the covers.


What is Reading Workshop?

In addition to Guided Reading groups, first graders will participate in Reading Workshop. We begin with a whole group minilesson on the rug where Mrs. Dixon will introduce the skills and strategies good readers use. The children then practice this skill or strategy during their independent reading center. It is their job to work on using the skills and strategies taught in the minilesson. At the end of center, the children meet back on the rug with the teacher to review the lesson and point out good work that the children accomplished during their independent reading center.


Reading and Strategy Use at Home

First graders in Dixon Den will be bringing home book folders Monday- Friday nights. On these nights your child should read aloud, to an adult, one or two books from the folder as per their homework packet It is recommended that children read over the weekend as well. This should only take five to fifteen minutes a day. It is especially important that all first graders read in a speaking (fluent) voice rather than with a robotic tone. First graders are always encouraged to use their strategies to figure out tricky words.

It is so important that your child’s book folder be returned to school EVERY DAY with all of the books inside. Your child will need this folder to participate in both Reading Workshop and Guided Reading Groups.

Reading Strategies

Before reading, always take a picture walk!

1. Look at the picture.

2. Think about the story.

3. Skip the tricky word, read to the end of the sentence to get more information. Go back and reread. 

4. Get your mouth ready to say the first sound and go back for a running start (reread).

5. Look for chunks and blends that you know.

6. Ask - Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?

Thank you for all that you do to help your first grader grow as a reader!

Try this fun reading website!

Amy Dixon's Site
Mott Road Elementary School
7173 Mott Road
Fayetteville, NY 13066