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Third Grade Websites
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Third Grade Websites


Third Grade


    Language Arts         


Compare & Contrast Essays- Learn how to organize, analyze and write these essays

Bio Cube- Interactive lesson after reading a Biography

Letter Writer -Writing Business and Friendly Letter

Make a Postcard 

Comic Creator

Venn Diagram

Write your own Wacky Tale

Factual Writing - Letter

Factual Writing - Instructions

Character Trading Cards



Magnetic Poetry

Beginning & Endings

Sentence Structure

Sentence Clubhouse-statement, question, command

Simple and Compound Sentences

Subject/ Nouns


Phonics & Grammar

Picture Map
Short Vowels and Long Vowels

Treasure Trove (Contractions)


Rhyme Time

Noun Dunk -Common & Proper

Easily Confused Word

Singular and Plural Nouns

Possessive  Nouns

Life on the Pronoun Reef



Past & Future - verb forms

Present Tense Verbs

Main Verbs and Helping Verbs

Action Verbs

Irregular Verbs

Possessive Nouns

Sramblesaurus - spelling

Past Tense Verbs

Too bee or Not to Bee- present and past tense

Comprehension & Reading


Folk Tales

Tall Tales






Chose the best comment

State your Arguement


Interactive Poetry

Poetry Idea Engine


Acrostic Poetry

Shape Poem

Diamante Poem


General Math

Fact Monster Math Math Magician                                                                                    

Multiplication & Division

Number Invaders Pumpkin Multiples Hit the Button Multiplication Station
Who Wants to be...Mathionaire?

    Social Studies  

Map Skills

Map Adventure



GIS in Action



Map & Globe Skills Quiz

Where is that?

Find the Sunken Treasure


Go on a Road Trip


Explore Mars


Go George Go


China: World Factbook

Time for Kids China

China: History, Land, Culture


The Yangtze River

The Great  Wall

Dragon Boat Festival
Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Tomb-Sweeping/ Qingmingjie Festival
Fishing and Farming (Click on People and Places, then China, then Agriculture and Industry)



Chinese Writing/ Calligraphy
Art and Music




China: World Factbook

Time for Kids China

China: History, Land, Culture

National Geographic: Kids/China


Ghana: World Factbook


Ghana: Land, History, Culture



Mexico for Kids

Kids Connect - Mexico

Mexico: World Factbook

Time for kids Mexico


Matter, Buoyancy & Mixtures

Solids & Liquids

Gas, Liquid & Solids

Changing State

Properties of Solids, Liquids & Gas

Separating Materials

Changing State

Reversible and Irreversible Changes

Changing Matter

Characteristics of Materials

Keeping Warm

Weather & Erosion

Edheads Weather

Weather Channel for Kids

Forecast Earth

The Watercycle

Weather Maker

The Storm

Weather Wiz Kids

Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter

Story of the Watercycle

Label parts of the water cycle

Water cycle quiz


Life cyle & label parts

Life cycle

How Plants Grow

Helping Plants Grow

Seed Growth

Life cycle of Plants

Seed Dispersal

Animated Plant Life cycle

Other Websites

African American World for Kids Martin L. King, Jr. Slideshow
Time for Kids, MLK

Mrs. Kinsella's Site