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PT Home Page
Welcome to my new classroom website!

I will be spending some time getting everything together but would appreciate any suggestions along the way. 

Below is a Prezi I made that has various videos that my be fun to use for short movement breaks in your classroom. 


Movement/Brain Breaks in the Classroom


·        Are one way teachers can help their students remain focused and attentive throughout their school day.

·         They allow for short segments of physical activity during the school day to help students stay alert and ready to learn.

·        Giving students the opportunity for low impact or moderate activity throughout their school day will allow their blood to start pumping and help give them more energy overall to complete tasks.





Examples of Using Technology for Movement/Brain Breaks in Your classroom (a free website, you sign up your class, as a class you earn points for each activity and move up levels)

-On FM website-Fayetteville Elementary site- -Classroom/Teachers Pages-Physical Therapy – you can find a Prezi “Movement breaks in classroom”. This is an interactive Prezi with numerous videos that you can play in your classroom (i.e. brain gym, dances, yoga, responsive classroom, learning station songs, etc.) for movement breaks.

-On FM website- Enders Road Elementary site-Classroom/Teachers Pages-Mrs. Haley-explore this page.  Along side bar look at fidgets and Focus (explanations and information) and videos downloaded.

-On FM website- Enders Road Elementary site-Classroom/Teachers Pages-Occupational Therapy (developed by Linda Poole, OTR)-Great website symbaloo- the green boxes labeled Just Dance have a lot of different dance videos that can be used for movement breaks in the classroom.

Internet search – you can Google -“symbaloo Move it” (has lots of different movement/dance videos) and “symbaloo Moveit#BrainEngage”


Example of Low-Tech Movement/Brain Breaks in Your Classroom

On the table are:

-Move and Groove Brain break card for the classroom (available at

-Movement sticks (free at http;//

-Also, there are numerous examples of low tech movement breaks (i.e. move sticks, cards, games, etc.) that are available to Enders Road library that ER teachers can sign out and use in their classrooms.  For references of these materials to make for your own classroom, please refer to binder on table. 

Other low-tech suggestions:

1. Drawing/Writing in the air (finger or foot)

Length of time: 2 minutes

Description: Instruct students to Draw or write in the air with foot or finger.  Younger students try drawing/writing shapes, numbers, letters, or their name.  Older students try drawing/writing words, etc.

2. Rub belly and pat stomach

Length of time: 2 minutes

Description: Tell Students to stand up and try rubbing their belly and pat their stomach at the same time.  For more difficulty, have them jump up and down while doing it.

3. Quiet Ball

Length of time: 5-10 minutes

Description:  Students stand or sit on their desks and toss around a koosh ball or any soft ball.  If the student drops the ball they have to sit down in their chair. If a student talks while playing they also have to sit down. Student is only allowed to talk before throwing the ball and must whisper who they are intending to throw the ball to.  Rule- soft underhand throwing is often needed.




4.  Heads up, 7 up

Length of time: 5-10 minutes

Description:  Start the game by choosing 7 students to be the pickers. They stand at the front of the classroom and when the teacher says, “Heads down, thumbs up” the students that are sitting in their desks put their heads down and one thumb up.  The pickers quietly go and place one of the seated student’s thumbs down.  Once everyone has chosen a student they return to the front of the room and the teacher says “Heads up 7 up”.  The students who were chosen stand up and one at a time try to guess who picked them.  If they guess correctly they get to take their pickers place, if not then the sit back down.

5. Jog in Place, Stop

Length of time: 2-5 minutes

Description:  The whole class stands up and follows the teacher exactly.  The teacher and students start with their right knee up at their waist.  The teacher says a number between 1-20.  Whatever number is chosen the students do that many leg switches (jogging in place).  The trick is to freeze and stay balanced when the last number is completed.

6.  Classroom Agility

Length of time: 5 minutes

Description: Have the students place a strip of paper on the ground, or if there is tile on the floor they can use those lines.  Tell them to jump forward, backward, or side/side over strip of paper/line with both feet a designated number of times. 

7. March Memorization

Length of time:  3 minutes

Description: Have students march in place as they count up to a number or by multiples.  They can recite the ABCs or go over something that they just learned. Moving while reciting information can be challenging but can also help students remember the information. 

8. Crossover

Length of time: 3 minutes

Description: Have the students cross their midline through various movements.  Touch their right elbow to left knee, left elbow to right knee.  Right hand to left toe, left hand to right toe.  Right hand to left shoulder, left hand to right shoulder. 

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