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Fourth Grade Artwork » Self-Portraits


Portraiture - Oct.-Dec. 2011

Essential questions...
"How do artists depict the human portrait?"
"How can I use line to draw a classmate's portrait?"

Students began a portrait unit with observational drawing. They learned three common viewpoints that artists use to show the human face; frontal view, profile view, and 3/4 view by examining King Tutankhamen's funerary mask from these different viewpoints.

Students modeled for each other and practiced drawing the profile view of the face using contour line.


Essential questions...
"How do artists create proportion in their self-portraits?"
"How can I create proportion in my self-portraits?"
Students examined self-portraits by two German artists, Kathe Kollwitz and Albrecht Durer, and Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. They compared the way the artists used the art elements to draw and paint their portraits and to create realistic proportion. Students learned how to use basic guidelines to shape their face and place the facial features.

Essential question...
"How can I use line, shape, color, value and texture to draw a realistic self-portrait?"
Students then learned how to shape the different facial features. They looked in the mirror and drew themselves from careful observation. They edited their drawing several times to achieve a more realistic representation.
Students referred to a checklist to make sure they included all necessary details.

Essential question...
"What will I add to my self-portrait to help viewers know more about me?"

Students examined the artwork of Frida Kahlo and recognized how the choices she made helped the viewer understand more about her. They developed an idea and added details to their realistic portraits.

Students then traced their drawing onto a clean sheet of paper and painted over the image with a matching skin tone.

Students used a combination of colored pencils and oil pastels to imitate their eye, hair and lip color. They continued adding color to their portraits to best express their idea.
Finished Portraits and Reflections
Peaceful Colors in Nature
by Cecilia

I included things that I love. A couple are that I put flowers and peace signs. I also put my long hair. One of the choices I made was to put my two dogs in the background. Their names are Bella and Francheska. I learned that sometimes you have to mix colors to get the right one, also to shade red on the face to make it look happy. I am most proud of my hair because I mixed colors, also my eye color.

Football Practice

By Will

The title of my portrait is called "Football Practice."  I included my eyes and my hairstyle in my portrait. I chose to wear a N.Y. Giant's jersey because I like to watch and play football and the N.Y. Giant's are my favorite NFL football team. I learned that if you blend some colors you will get a more realistic color and feature. I am most proud of my football jersey like the team number and the N.Y. sign and I think I also did a good job on the background.

By Caroline

I included in my portrait the correct colors of everything. I chose to make myself outside to show I like nature. I learned how to draw a good self-portrait through this project. What I'm most proud of is my background because I took the time to blend it good.
One Spring Day
By Natalie

In my portrait, I included trees and grass and other things about nature. I showed where I was in my portrait. I was at the beach. I learned how to shade and do different textures. I am most proud of my hair because it came out the way I wanted.

Rooney vs. Messi
By Sal

I included my eye color, my lip color, and that my ears show with the hairstyle I have. I showed that I like soccer, I like lacrosse, and that I like playing outdoors in nice weather. I learned how to make my skin tone, how to make my nose, and to blend colors. I am most proud of my soccer field and my F-M lacrosse shirt.

The Liverpool Fan
By Max

I included my brown hair and blue eyes to show what I look like. In my portrait, I included my baseball necklace and I included my favorite sports team's jersey. I learned more about making my hair look more realistic and making my eyes look more realistic. I am most proud of my jersey that I drew because it looks very realistic.

Silent Night
By Renata

I'm always wearing my necklace at school and I have spots on my lips. So that's why I included those details in my portrait. I really like soccer and speed skating. I also like art and hanging with my friends. I learned how to draw a realistic person and not a stick figure. Plus the whole experience was fun for me. I'm most proud of my hair, my lips and my eyes because I worked really hard on those few things.

By Maggie

In my picture, I included the right color of my eyes, lips and hair color. I want to tell the viewer that I like fashion, food, and purple. I learned it takes a lot of steps to get where I am now. I am most proud of the way I did my face because it looks like myself.

Airplane at Night
By Michael

I chose to show my background and my face. I showed that I like to travel to other destinations. I learned how to put my eyes, nose and eyebrows in the same place. I am most proud of my drawing because I worked really hard on it.

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