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2016 Goethe Insitut Trip Winners Nataly and Nathan get us a shout out from Joris!


Try this new fun game:  Ba Ba Dum





Why Language Learning is Important #infographic



How to make Umlauts:  (Or you can use this webpage if you like then copy and paste to a Word doc too:  http://german.typeit.org/)

On a laptop:

FN and ALT  and then the blue numbers below:


On the  a desktop:

NUMBER PAD (num lock ON), type simultaneously ALT and


     0252 =   ü

     0228 =   ä            

     0246 =   ö  

     0223 =   ß

     0128 =   €

     0220 =   Ü

     0196 =   Ä

     0214 =   Ö



French Characters

0224          à

0192          À

0233          é

0201          É

0232          è

0200          È

0244          ô

0231          ç

0238          î

0244          ô


 How to make accent marks on a chromebook:





Gender Quiz!  Macht SpaSS

Flat Erics Blog

Lyrics Training

Fill in the blanks while listening to your favorite German songs.

BBC (Very fun!) Language Online

How to pronounce the rolling consonant R

Fraus Lingt Language Page

How to pronounce the German R

Verb Conjugator

Der? Die? Das?  This German blog has some good tips about German Article patterns

Spiel zeit! Jigsaw Puzzle of famous German sights

Leo Online German-Englisch Dictionary

Free Rice Vocabulary Game

Es macht viel Spass

Really nifty Online Vocabulary Activities

Komm Mit Buch 1 (Deutsch 1)

 Alle Kapitel

Youtube Videos to practice your Pronunciation 


Komm Mit Buch 2 Alle Kapitel

Deutsch 2 und Deutsch 3


NEED EXTRA HELP with listening?

Check this link out!

and this one too:

Extra-Help with Listening Activities 


Fun stuff!



Check out your baldness potential!

Milka deutsche Schokolade Werbungen

Rhabarberbarbara on Youtube

Sendung mit der Maus Cartoons

Tom und das Erdbeermarmeladebrot mit Honig

Germany vs USA

Alex und Jim on Youtube

Umgangsdeutsch! Speak like a native!

 Ba Ba Dum REALLY cool fun game






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    doc RESE NESE Chart (doc file - 30 KB)
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    doc "doc file: You need the Microsoft Word program, a free Microsoft Word viewer, or a program that can import Word files in order to view this file. To learn more about the free Microsoft Word Viewer, visit the Microsoft Word website."

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