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Smart Objects

Smart Objects--"...is any physical object that inclues a unique identifier that can track information about the object." (The Horizon Report. p. 22)

How are smart objects be used in schools?

Arduino--"...an open-source electronics prototying platform that allows users to create objects that can sense and respond to the environment." (The Horizon Report. p. 24)

iPhone in Education: Using QR Codes in the Classroom--can convey homwork assignments to students using QR (quick response) codes.

LeapFrog Tag--allows very young children to use a pen to interact with specially printed books.

Siftables--watch the video to see an overview

UW Team Researches a Future filled with RFID Chips--RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags are used to track movements of people

Taken from The Horizon Report: 2009 K-12 Edition. p.24.

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