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Health Happenings
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Health Happenings » Curriculum


The Fayetteville-Manlius School District excels in its health education program.  New York State requires that students receive a ½ credit of health education at the middle school level.  Here at Wellwood Middle School, our students receive health lessons at all grade levels.

            In 5th grade, health is offered for 28 sessions by homeroom.  During that time the students are instructed in various health topics such as self-awareness & self-esteem, personal safety & abduction prevention, body systems & awareness, as well as body development.  At the end of each homeroom’s time for Health, we hold a separate lesson for girls and boys to cover the topic of puberty and the changes that occur during adolescence.

            In 6th grade the students are taught basic first aid and safety procedures.  As part of the curriculum, the students will put together a first aid kit for an activity as well as other in-class projects.  The students will also practice skills like abdominal thrusts (Heimlich maneuver), CPR, bleeding control, and the use of splints and slings.  Safety procedures that are associated with fire, water, school, sports, recreation, and the home are taught as well.  Following the New York State guidelines, abduction prevention and rabies prevention are discussed.

            Seventh grade health is offered for 10 sessions.  During this time the students are instructed about nutrition education and proper eating habits, as well as stress and stress management techniques.

            Eighth grade is where all students will receive a ½ credit for health education.  Students are schedule for a year long course that meets every other day on an ODD/EVEN schedule.  In 8th grade, topics are expanded that have already been taught at elementary school as well as the three previous middle school years.  Human sexuality, substance abuse prevention, disease prevention & control, and mental health are discussed more in depth.           

           The Wellwood Middle School web page will provide you and your student with links to resources where you can access reliable health information.  The links have been separated to match materials covered at each grade level. 

          Thank you for visiting the Wellwood Middle School web site. A healthy person is a happy person.


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