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     A major focus in Kindergarten math is counting--repeating the counting sequence, counting sets of objects to 20, and making equal sets of objects.  Many Kindergarten activities build a foundation for future addition and subtraction concepts.  In addition, K students begin to explore measurement as comparison.  They begin describing, identifying, and sorting geometric shapes.   


    The Kindergarten math curriculum is aligned with the NY State Common Core Learning Standards for Mathematics.   Daily instruction is based on TERC Investigations in Number, Data, and Space program.


      Below are the units taught in in Kindergarten.  Specific skills taught in each unit can be found in our Kindergarten District Math Curriculum Maps.


Unit 1:  Who Is In School Today?--Classroom Routines and Materials


Unit 2:  Counting and Comparing--Measurement and the Number System 1


Unit 3:  What Comes Next?--Patterns and Functions


Unit 4:  Measuring and Counting--Measurement and the Number System 2


Unit 5:  Make a Shape, Build a Block--2-D and 3-D Geometry


Unit 6:  How Many Do You Have?--Addition, Subtraction, and the Number System 3





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