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Math Curriculum » Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade


      Fourth grade math students develop fluency with multiplication and division problems.  They use various models, strategies, and representations to help them in their solutions.  Also they extend their knowledge of the base-ten number system along with adding and subtracting large numbers.  They explore equivalencies among fractions.  Basic decimal concepts are also developed. In Geometry students study concepts of polygons, lines, and angles. 

     Grade 4 math instruction develops strong number concepts before introducing the traditional methods or "short cuts" of adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing. With this deeper understanding of how numbers work, students are more able to make connections with more complex problems and topics in later grades. 

     The fourth grade math curriculum follows the Investigations in Number, Data, and Space program with supplementation to meet the New York P-12 Common Core Learning Standards for MathematicsListed below are the fourth grade units. Specific skills taught in each unit are given in our Grade 4 District Math Curriculum Maps

Factors, Multiples, and Arrays--Multiplication and Division-1

Multiple Towers and Division Stories--Multiplication and Division-2

Geometry--Polygons, Lines, and Angles

Landmarks and Large Numbers--Addition, Subtraction, and the Number System

Fraction Cards and Decimal Squares--Fractions and Decimals

How Many Packages?  How Many Groups?--Multiplication and Division-3

Penny Jars--Patterns, Functions, and Change

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