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Google Drive 101

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My Calendar

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My Homework

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My Quizzes

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Science 7- Mr. Kirby

Welcome to Our
7th Grade Science Website


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Quick Links

Tech Book - Link to your online textbook.  You will need to be logged into your school Google account.

LOG INTO STUDENT-PARENT PORTAL- See how you are doing in science and if you are missing anything

Click Here for Tonight's Homework, or to see if there are any upcoming tests/ quizzes

Setting up your On-Line Quiz Passwords

Magical World of Google Drive

Please read the explanations below for some specific information about the tabs listed on the left side of this page.  The more you utilize this website, the more prepared you are going to be for class.  Please make this website one of your regular places to visit for homework, documents from class, help with our current unit, or simply stop by to help me proofread everything :)


PDF Viewer Download: Click Here, no wait, THERE

After School Schedule:

Monday- Extra Help
Tuesday- Extra Help
Wednesday- Extra Help
Thursday- Science Department Meeting/ Extra Help
Friday- Meet with Mrs. Asztalos to talk science :) (no after-school)


Tabs (upper left of page) and Their Meanings

Resources tab:

Under this tab, you will find the unit we are currently working on and sometimes you will also see the previous units, depending on how long ago we have finished them.  The pages linked under this tab contain copies of class notes, helpful links and sometimes include other sub-pages we have used during class. 

Towards the end of the year, all of the links to the past units will be open under this tab, so that you can use them to prepare for your science final. 

My Homework: 

Homework is listed here every day.  Let me write that again for you.  Homework is listed here every day.  If you missed class, this is where you should go.  Each assignment is clearly described and sometimes important documents are attached directly to the homework assignment.  Simply click on the homework assignment and you will get the detailed description of that assignment.

Study Strategies:

You can use the tips and tricks under this tab to help you prepare for any of the science tests we will be having this year.  If you have some strategy that works for you, please feel free to let me know and I will post it under this tab.  I am sure your fellow students will be very thankful for the help.

My Calendar:

This tab should be a place you visit often.  As I have stated previously, homework is posted here every day.  This being the case, I should rarely hear the words: "I didn't know that was for homework." muttered in class.  Check this site to make sure you are doing the correct assignment and also utilize the calendar layout to plan for important due dates you see coming up.

My Quizzes:

During class we will be sometimes using this tab to take entrance exams for units, use it for taking general quizzes, or sometimes there will be practice quizzes posted here.  You need a password to access your quizzes (last 4 digits of your student number) and your first and last name need to have capital letters at the beginning of them.

Remember to check back often for updates :)

For Ms. Lacomb:

Video 1

Video 2

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