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Eagle Hill Middle School
4645 Enders Road
Manlius, NY 13104
Daily Schedule 8:00 a.m. - 2:40 p.m.
Principal: Principal, Ms. Maureen McCrystal
(315) 692-1400
fax (315) 692-1046
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Classroom News

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September/October 2014

FACS students are nicely settled into the classroom routine and are busy learning wonderful life skills!  6th grade students have completed two units, decision making and financial management, and are now embarking on the clothing and textiles unit.  Students will learn how to operate a sewing machine, create a pillow project and practice small clothing repairs including how to sew a button on to a piece of clothing and hem a pair of pants!  7th grade students are finishing up the therapy bags they designed and created and will soon be starting the career exploration unit.  We are off to a great start!

May 2014

FACS students are busy this fourth quarter readying themselves for the end of school and the start of summer!  Here is an update on classes and progress.

6th grade:  Students have learned how to operate the sewing machine safely and have completed the practice pillow.  All students are now working on the large pillow-worth 100 points!  We will be moving on to hand sewing which will include how to make basic sewing repairs including sewing a button and hemming.  Units to be covered in June include: laundry and personal hygiene.

7th grade:  Students have been working diligently on the Career Exploration unit.  They have examined goals, values and interests and have also completed writing a personal resume.  We are taking a two week break from the career unit to design and make a therapy bag.  This bag may be used as a hot or cold compress and will be scented with lavender if students choose.  Students are encouraged to create an additional therapy bag which will be donated to agencies who welcome therapy bags.  The final unit which we will complete in June includes how to land your first job! Students will learn how to: fill out a job application, prepare for job interview, and experience an actual job interview!

8th grade students:  All FACS students are now working on personal projects.  Each student completed a walker bag that will be donated to local rehabilitation centers.  I will miss these students as they leave Eagle Hill and enter high school.  Fabulous kids!

February, 2014

Welcome FACS students... I've been waiting for you!

It was wonderful to meet old and new faces this week as we began the second half of the year.  I look forward to being your FACS teacher and am so excited to get started.  Please make sure to bring in a two pocket folder with fasteners and have something to write with each day.  Feel free to explore my website, browse the recipes which we will be making, and discover the fun topics we will be exploring.  Enjoy your snow day and see you in school tomorrow!

Manlius Fire Department visits FACS classes

On October 23rd and 24th, 6th grade FACS students were fortunate to participate in the Manlius Fire Department "Kitchen and Fire Safety" program.  Students learned the basics of fire safety including: how to put out a grease fire, use a fire extinguisher properly, identify and treat burns, and how to be safe while cooking in the FACS laboratories and their own home kitchens!

A special thank you to Chief John Buskey, Lt. Chris Halliday, and Captain Adam Feck!




October 2013

Welcome to Deb Young who is student teaching with me through November. Deb is a natural teacher and will be a fine addition to the profession of Family & Consumer Sciences.  By the second week of October Mrs. Young will have my complete teaching load!  I will always be present in the classroom and will oversee all grading of our FACS students.  Please join me in welcoming Mrs. Deb Young!



September 2013

Welcome to FACS!  I am so excited to start my 21st year of teaching...17 of those at Eagle Hill Middle School!

Students are just nicely settling in to the pace and expectations of Family & Consumer Sciences class.

6th graders have already completed their first unit on decision making and problem solving, using fabulous leadership and management skills to role play challenging situations which arise in day to day life.

7th graders are brushing up on their nutrition knowledge and getting ready to prepare delicious, healthy snacks.  First up..tortilla pizza followed by smoothies and then a fabulous pumpkin chocolate chip cookie!

8th grade students will soon complete their first unit preparing and baking six different types of cookies.  We will move on to Italian cooking next is a great time to have your child start cooking dinner!

February 27th, 2013

FACS students are back from winter break and eager to start their sewing projects.  All students are now successful threading the sewing machine and are working on their sewing projects!

8th Grade Community Service Project Winners have been announced.  Congratulations to the following students:

1st Place- Gillian Hall

2nd Place- Stephanie O'Malley

3rd Place-  Allyson DeCroce


February 12, 2013

7th grade students...don't forget to sign up for FACS as one of your specials in 8th grade!




Students in Mrs. Brenner's classes are getting nicely settled in to the expectations of being in Family & Consumer Sciences class. All students are required to keep a FACS folder, arrive to class on time and prepared, and work diligently on each unit being presented.  6th grade students will be working on developing decision making and problem solving skills, while seventh and eighth graders will review the sewing machine and begin working on their sewing projects. We are all looking forward to a fun second half of the year with many life skills being mastered! 



Where are we after 5 weeks?

6th grade students

 We have completed our unit on decision making and problem solving.  We have begun the sewing unit and have already learned how to operate the sewing machine!  Students are finishing their practice pillows and are excited to begin the large 14" x 14" pillow.


7th grade students 

 We are just about to finish Part I of the Career Exploration unit.  Students have discovered much about themselves including: what my values are and what are my goals.  Students have written reflection paragraphs discussing how they feel about their future as it relates to goals, values and possible career paths.  We will conclude the unit by exploring the program Career Cruising.  Students answer many questions about themselves including their interests, skills and anticipated education plans.  From this, the program generates a list of possible career matches.  Students can then explore the career and gain an understanding of the career.  Once we conclude this unit we will be moving on to the sewing unit where students will make their own pillowcase!


8th grade


Students in 8th grade did a fabulous job creating therapy bags which will be donated to "Clear Path", a support organization for veterans (the former location of Skyridge).  Students will donate their bags and keep one for themselves to use.  Projects have arrived and the kids are busy making wonderful items including: sweatshirts, sweatpants, stuffed animals, gym bags and footballs!  What fun!





  Welcome to FACS 6th, 7th, and 8th graders!



What does a compass, computer and bandaid have to do with FACS?  Here are some clues for the first few weeks of school...

6th grade- Who are you? Where are you going? What decisions and problems are you facing right now?

7th grade- Exploring...what am I good at?  What are my values and goals?  What might my future look like?

8th grade-  Responsibility...the character education word for the semester.  How might we be responsible citizens and help those in our community?


Captain Adam Feck

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2nd place winning design- Stephanie O'Malley

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3rd place winning design- Allyson DeCroce

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8th Grade Community Projects

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1st Place Winning Design- Gillian Hall

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