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Participation In Government » Budget Simulations

Budget Simulations

Explore at least two of these sites (listed below) and walk through the simulations they provide.  After spending at least 30 minutes doing so answer the following questions.

- The New York Times


- The Committee for a Responsible Budget


- National Priorities







You may also choose to peruse these sites for proposals that have been put forth by bipartisan groups


Rivlin-Domenici Plan


Simpson-Bowles Plan


Questions:  Answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper.  They may be typed or hand written neatly.  There is not a single correct answer, just choices and understandings of complexity.



1.       What do you see as the best way to deal with budget deficits? Raise taxes (on who and what type)?  Cut spending (on who and what type)?  A combination (what ration and on who and what type )?




2.       What do you see as the biggest obstacle for doing what you suggest in question # 1

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