Concept Review/Practice

Concept Review/Practice   

    Here you will find various sites and activities that can be used for review for tests and quizzes, or you may just want to play around and practice some of the concepts we have learned in class. 


Practice in Excel - this site provides a review and practice of how to make graphs using microsoft excel, courtesy of Charles Burrows at Spring Valley High School.

World Population Data
- this is another activity that provides students with practice using excel to analyze data and make a graph.

Parts of the Microscope - Study the parts of the light microscope using this diagram.

Compound Microscope Parts - this site gives you a better view of each individual microscope part.

Virtual Microscope
- Here you can use a virtual microscope to practice your skills of focusing and adjusting the microscope.  You can look at bacteria, onion root tip, and cheek cell with this program.


Prokaryotes - Here you will find a short tutorial on prokaryotic cells, such as bacteria.

Eukaryotes - Here you will find a tutorial dealing with eukaryotic cells and their organelles.

Typical Cell - interactive tutorial of a typical cell and its organelles

Cells Alive! Cell Tutorial

Plant and Animal Cell Diagrams - Go here to help you figure out which organelles are located in which cells.


Mr. Carl's e-Class on Viruses - A lesson on viruses with pictures courtesy of Mr. Carl from Lanesville High School in Indiana.

What Makes Us Sick - this website is devoted to explaining the science of viruses and infectious diseases.


Mr. Carl's e-Class on Bacteria - A lesson on bacteria with pictures courtesy of Mr. Carl from Lanesville High School in Indiana.


Protist Park - learn all you need to know about protists and their habitats.

Mr. Carl's e-Class on Protists - A lesson on protists with pictures courtesy of Mr. Carl from Lanesville High School in Indiana.


Introduction to Fungi - learn all you need to know about fungi, how they grow, and where they grow.

Fun Facts About Fungi


Lizards and Snakes Alive - go here to check out what the American Museum of Natural History has to say about snakes and lizards


Mitosis Animations -  Quicktime Animation
                       Animation Courtesy of Lew-Port Biology


Genetics Labs - Here you will find various interactive activities related to genetics and Gregor Mendel's discovery of genetics.  Practice concepts such as dominant-recessive, incomplete dominance (codominance), and DNA building.

Periodic Table

Proton Don - Practice the elements and their symbolds at this fun site where the degree of difficulty of the questions can be moderated from easy to medium to hard.


Element Information - This site offers an interactive periodic table that allows you to learn more about each specific element by clicking on it.

Periodic Table - This site offers a periodic table along with descriptions of the various ways that elements are organized within the periodic table.  There is also a quiz at the bottom of the site that you can take to check your understanding of the periodic table.

Element Song - This is the site you need to go to if you want to hear the element song that we all know and love.

Chemical Formulas
Naming Chemical Formulas - This site provides a game where you have to match the compound name with the chemical formula.
Molecule Magic - more chemical formula and name matching, a little more challenging that the site above.
Balancing Chemical Equations
Writing and Balancing Chemical Equations - Here you will find directions and tips on how to write and balance chemical equations as well some practice problems.
Review Chembalancer - This link will take you to a game that allows you to visualize the balancing of various chemical equations.
Sites for Balancing Equations 101 Worksheet -
        Site #1 - Chemical
        Site #2 - Classic Chembalancer
        Extra Credit Site - Balancing Equations Tutorial
Acids and Bases
Alien Juice Bar - Using indicators you have to determine the pH of certain drinks to make sure they can be consumed by humans.
The pH Factor - This website explores the characteristics of various pH levels.
Chemtutor - This site provides a nice tutorial of the characteristics of acids and bases.
Acids and Bases - Here you will find another tutorial that includes a quiz at the end that you could use to test your knowledge of acids and bases.
Acids, Bases, and Salts - Interactive science tutor with games for studying acids and bases, provided by Glencoe Publishing.
Mr. Ertl's PowerPoints - Download And Use As Review For Your Final  (will be available closer to exam time in the spring)

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