Ms. Capponi English 8: Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice!
Your voice--you use it everyday to communicate ideas and emotions and to make yourself heard in a crowd. Sometimes, if you use it in a perfunctory manner or at the wrong time, it can get you into trouble!
Good writers need to develop their writing voice, too.  This skill takes a little more practice than just opening your mouth!
(or else, your dog would be able to do your homework.)
In order to use your best writing voice, you need to think about yourself, clarify who you are and what matters to you and determine how you wish to communicate it to others. You must also organize your writing, so your message can be easily understood. In this eighth grade unit, we are going to practice finding and using our voices in writing. We will strive to speak with bold voices, so people will take notice of what we have to say.  It will be a challenge, but it will also be fun!
I have divided up the different parts of the unit into laps. Click each picture to get directions about the assignments and to duplicate any handouts you will need:

Warm up= 

Who Am I? Journal Writing

Lap One 

What's Your Flavor?

Lap Two

 Personal Learning Style

Lap Three Personal Totem: Symbolism
Lap Four Super Power: Who would you like to be?
Lap Five Theme Song: The Time of your Life
Lap Six "The Human Race Essay": Using your Boldest Voice
Cool Down Presentations and Podcasts

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