Early Humans

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Key Vocabulary

culture-The way of life of a group of people  at a particular time including their customs, beliefs, and arts.

custom- A social habit or way of living in a group.

society- A group of people bound together by the same culture.

values- The beliefs or ideals that guide the way people live.

government- The established form of ruling a place.

religion- The way people worship the God or gods they believe in.

legacy- The traditions and knowledge of a culture that have been handed down to people today.

Ice Age- A long period in the past that lasted for millions of years; glaciers covered parts of the earth during the Ice Age

glacier- A great sheet of slowly moving ice

Old Stone Age - The earliest period of human culture, beginning about two million years ago and lasting until about 8000 BC

nomad- A person without a permanent home who travels in search of food.

New Stone Age- A period in social development that started about 8000 BC, in which people first domesticated animals, farmed the land and lived in settled communities

civilization- A society that has achieved a high level of culture, including the development of systems of government, religion and learning.

domesticate- To tame animals in order to make them useful to people.

cultivate- To prepare and use land for raising crops; cultivation marked the beginning of the New Stone Age

specialize- To be trained to do a particular kind of work.

artisan- A person skilled in crafts such as carving or tool-making; craftsworker

technology- The use of skills and tools to serve human needs.

history- The record of what has happened in the past.

prehistory- The period before events were recorded  in writing' the Old and New Stone Age.

artifacts- Objects that were made by people long ago, such as tools

archaeology- The study of the remains of past cultures

primary sources - A first-hand account of an event, such as an official document, a diary, or a letter

secondary sources- A written record of the past, such as a book by a historian, that is based on information from a primary source or sources

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