Code of Conduct Article III: Student Conduct, Section H

H. Corporal Punishment

No employee, District officer, or agent of the District, shall use corporal  punishment against a student. As used in this code, corporal punishment  means any act of physical force against a student for the purpose of punishing that student, except as hereafter provided. In situations in which alternative procedures and methods not involving the use of physical force cannot reasonably be employed, nothing contained in this code shall be construed to prohibit the use of reasonable physical force for the following purposes:

  1. To protect oneself from physical injury;
  2. To protect another student or teacher or any person from physical injury;
  3. To protect the property of the school or others; or
  4. To restrain or remove a student whose behavior is interfering with the orderly  exercise and performance of District functions, powers and duties, if that  student has refused to comply with a request to refrain from further disruptive acts.