Attendance and Chronic Absenteeism

Each school and/or district reopening plan must describe a mechanism to collect and report daily teacher student engagement or attendance while in a remote or hybrid schedule.

Attendance will be documented for in-person, hybrid, and or remote learning environments. Instructors and school officials will utilize the student information system to record student attendance for in-person and synchronous instruction in accordance with standard operating procedures.

School officials may also access student log-in information using the automated learning management system in order to track student attendance for asynchronous instruction in the remote online learning environment. It is important to remember that attendance of any school-age student of compulsory age, who resides in the district or is placed by a parent/guardian in another public school district, a charter school, or is placed by a district administrator or the CSE of the school district in educational programs outside the district (such as, another school district, BOCES, approved private in-state or out-of-state school, and state-supported school) must be reported in SIRS.

To date, the reporting of daily attendance of prekindergarten students is not required; Attendance must be reported by any reporting entity that is required to take attendance; Resident students of compulsory age who were not in attendance in a public school, including charter schools, nonpublic school, or approved home schooling program in the current school year must be reported until they exceed compulsory school age, they no longer reside in the district, or the district has documentation that the student has entered another educational program leading to a high school diploma; Students who drop out while still of compulsory school age must be kept on the school attendance register until they exceed compulsory school age or move out of the district.