Reopening F-M Schools

Fayetteville-Manlius School District 2020-21 School Reopening Plan. Reopening advisory committees with representation from all stakeholder groups helped shape the reopening plan, which is based on all available guidance from state and public health agencies. For updated COVID-19 information from the school district, including important notices, learning and childcare resources, and food distribution plans, please go to this page.

Enders Road and Eagle Hill School Zone

Abington Cir
Academy St – Manlius
Alley Way
Amelia Trl
Anglia St
Arbutus Dr
Artisan Way
Ashlind Cir
Austin Dr South
Aylesbury Path
Barksdale Ln
Bentbrook Dr
Blarney Stone Way
Bluffview Dr
Brae Leure Rd
Brinan Fields Run
Broadfield Rd (#7551 and
Brown Gulf Rd (#7626 & 7656
Burke Rd
Canyonwood Ln
Carnoustie Ln
Cazenovia Rd (up through #8779)
Chadwick Cir
Chatham Dr
Chippendale Dr
Cirrus Ct
Commandant Way
Corsica Ln
Craine Dr
Creekcrest Cir
Dartmouth Cir
Decoy Run
Deer Crossing Run
Drinkwater Ln
Druids Glen
Duvall Cir
Dycus Cir
Eagle Village Rd N (Pride Ln to
Seneca Tpk)
Eagle Village Rd S
E Seneca St (south side to High
School; 3 digit even house
E Seneca Tpk (4 digit house
numbers up through #8667)
Edgeworth Dr
Edwards Falls Ln
Eldridge Rd
Emblem Cir
Enders Rd
Equestrian Ridge
Fallen Oaks Ln
Firethorn Cir
Flagpole Cir
Flume Rd
Frank Long Rd (#6955 – 7185)
Gadwall Ln
Gates Rd (#4100s, #4200s,
#4300s, & #4400s are JD)
Gibbs Rd
Glen Eagle Dr
Gulf Rd (#5500s)
Hadley Ln
Hale Rd
Hand Hewn Way
Hartsfield Pl
Harwick Ter
Henderson Rd (#6996 only)
Henneberry Rd (Broadfield to
Burke except #4183, 3754, 3724,
& 3702)
Hepatica Hill Rd
Hepplewhite Dr
Hillview Cir
Horseshoe Ln
Hoylake Dr
Huntington Ln
Hyde Rd
Iliad Dr
Indian Hill Rd
Irish Mist Ln
Jack In The Pulpit
Kehoe Ln
Killarney Ln
Kimball Rd
Kittiwake Run
Lamp Post Cir
Liberty Ln
Limestone Dr
Linwood Ln
Lythim Cir
MacClenthen Rd
Market Place Dr
Meadowview Ct
Merrimac Dr
Military Dr
Mill St – Manlius
Mulberry Ln
Muscovy Ln
N Eagle Village Rd (Pride Ln to
Seneca Tpk)
No 2 Rd E (#8264 – 8636)
No 2 Rd W (#7963 – 8215)
Northgate Dr
Odyssey Dr
Old Sunridge Dr
Oran Delphi Rd (#3545 – 4272)
Oran Gulf Rd (#3393 – 4154)
Oran Station Rd
Owahgena Rd (#8882 – 8952
evens only)
Palmer Rd – Chittenango (#5321,
5325, 5329 & some empty lots
are Chittenango)
Palmer Rd – Manlius (#4161,
4163, 4228 are Cazenovia)
Peck Hill Rd (#8552 – 8916)
Pembroke Dr
Penny Ln
Penstock Way
Pewter Ln
Pompey Center Rd (#3551 –
Pompey Pines Dr
Preserve Pkwy
Prestwick Dr
Queen Victoria Cir
Red Velvet Rd
Regiment Way
Ringnecked Path
Rustic Ln
S Eagle Village Rd
Sabre Ln
Sagebrush Cir
Salt Springs Rd (from N Eagle
Village Rd up through #8827)
Seneca St E (south side to High
School; 3 digit even house
Seneca Tpk E (4 digit house
numbers up through #8667)
Sevier Rd (#7191 only)
Shadow Rock
Silkweed Cir
Slippery Rock
Solomon Seal Ln
Spinecobb Ln
Squirrel Corn Ln
Stephanie Dr
Stonecrest Dr
Stratford Way
Stratus Cir
Strawberry Ln
Suburban Park Dr
Sugarland Dr
Sweet Rd (#3578 – 3978)
Thimblerock Cir
Tinderbox Cir
Townsend Rd (#5190 – 5477)
Tremblant Cir
Trillium Trl
Trout Lily Ln
Tuft Rd
Turnberry Dr
Turnstone Dr
Vassar Dr
Verbeck Dr
Washington St – Manlius
Watervale Rd (#3961 – 4232)
Westfield Dr
Whetstone Rd
Whistler Cir
Whistling Swan Ln
Whitney Farm Ln
Widgeon Path
Wilbarham Run
Wild Lemon Ln
Windbrooke Rd
Winding Creek Rd
Windsbury Cir
Wisteria Cir
Woodbox Rd
Woodbridge Dr