Board of education to meet May 11; meeting to be livestreamed

Amid concerns of the COVID-19 public health crisis, Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently issued an executive order exempting municipal and school boards from provisions of the state Open Meetings Law that require public access to locations where government meetings are conducted.

To comply with this order, the F-M Board of Education’s 6 p.m. May 11 meeting will be available for public viewing and participation via YouTube Live only. The meeting will stream in real-time on F-M’s official YouTube channel beginning at 6 p.m. and will be archived on the channel for later viewing.

Meeting Agenda

1. Livestreaming Information

1.01 Livestreaming Information

2. Opening Items

2.01 Call to Order

2.02 Pledge of Allegiance

2.03 Approval/Revision of Agenda

2.04 Recognition

2.05 Public Comment

2.06 Code of Conduct availability

2.07 Special Patrol Officer and School Information Resource Officer agreements availability

3. Reports

3.01 President’s Report

3.02 Superintendent’s Report

3.03 Report – Summer Online Academic Review (S.O.A.R.)

3.04 Reports – Committee and Representative Updates

4. New Business

4.01 Approval of minutes – March 23, 2020 regular meeting

4.02 Approval of minutes – April 20, 2020 regular meeting

4.03 Approval of minutes – May 7, 2020 special meeting

4.04 Personnel Actions

5. Ongoing Business

5.01 Board Development

5.02 Working Agenda Items

5.03 Potential Considerations for Future Meetings

6. Future Meetings and Events

6.01 Future Meetings Calendar

6.02 Dates to Remember

7. Consent Agenda

7.01 Approval of CSE and CPSE Reports – May 11, 2020

7.02 Clerk’s and Treasurer’s Report – March 2020

7.03 Claims Auditor Report – April 2020

7.04 Budget Amendment

8. Items Removed from Consent Agenda for Individual Consideration

9. Proposed Executive/Exempt Session

9.01 Proposed Executive/Exempt Session

10. Adjournment

10.01 Adjournment

The agenda is subject to change. For more information, visit BoardDocs.