Fayetteville Elementary class receives recognition from a U.S. Navy Reservist

A group of Fayetteville Elementary students has received a special honor from a United States Navy reservist, after stepping up to demonstrate one of the school’s key tenets: BEE Caring!

Jessica Serafin, a U.S. Navy Reservist and employee at Lockheed Martin, was deployed overseas. Thanks to some coordination between parent Terry Horesco and Fay El teacher Mrs. Merritt, second graders started working on some notes of encouragement to send overseas to Jessica and her team.

Around Veterans Day in November, Mrs. Merritt’s class created drawings and notes thanking military members for their service. In February, the class made valentines to send to their new friends overseas.

Upon Jessica’s recent return to the U.S., she knew she wanted to thank the students of Mrs. Merritt’s classroom for their continued support throughout the past year. Jessica wrote each student a thank you letter, gave them each a patch, and recorded a personal message to show her appreciation for the small acts of kindness that helped boost morale of Navy Sailors thousands of miles away. The class was presented with a plaque to commemorate the special friendships formed.

Mrs. Merritt's second grade class was awarded a plaque from Navy Reservist Jessica Serafin for their work in sending letters to military members overseas.