High school student brings CO2 pellet gun to school

On Wednesday, Nov. 10, a Fayetteville-Manlius High School student brought to school an pellet gun, which is not allowed on school grounds. The student did not make any threats to students or staff but did show the pellet gun to other students. Those students then notified staff who immediately notified the school information resource officer and special patrol officer who then confiscated the item from the student. 

“We always stress with our students that if they see something that is concerning, they should tell someone,” Superintendent Craig J. Tice said. “We are thankful that our students felt comfortable alerting a staff member to what they saw so we could assess the situation and take appropriate action.”

Having any type of weapon or lookalike weapon is a violation of the district’s Code of Conduct, and any student who finds themselves in violation is subject to disciplinary action.

F-M High School Executive Principal Raymond Kilmer plans to address the student body Friday morning to reinforce the district’s commitment to safety and to ask that students continue to reach out to trusted adults anytime they have a concern about themselves or a classmate.