Mott Road launches ‘Books on the Bus’

Mott Road Elementary School students can now unwind with a new book while they travel home from school.

The Fayetteville-Manlius elementary school recently launched a “Books on the Bus” initiative to help nurture students’ love of reading and encourage positive behavior on the school bus.

During afternoon bus runs, blue bins containing various grade-level books will be located at the front of Mott Road students’ school buses. Riders may select a book as they board the bus and read it quietly as they travel home from school.

Upon exiting the school bus, students can return the book to the bin. If they aren’t finished reading the story, or wish to read it again at home, students may borrow the book and return it to the bin the following afternoon.

Parents and guardians can support the “Books on the Bus” program and help foster a love of reading by encouraging Mott Road students to grab a book the next time they board their afternoon bus.

This is an image of a bin containing books