Superintendent Tice addresses safety and security

Dear F-M Parents and Guardians,

As our students, faculty, and staff return from mid-winter break, the events of the Parkland, Florida tragedy weigh heavily on our hearts and minds. The recent shootings at public schools, higher education institutions, and public venues remind us that such a tragedy can happen in any community. At the Fayetteville-Manlius Central School District, our first responsibility is to the safety and security of the children, faculty and staff within our buildings and on our grounds.

As details unfold about this most recent senseless tragedy, our resolve and commitment to providing a safe and secure learning environment remains steadfast. In preparing for school to reopen Monday, Feb. 26, we have planned a number of steps related to safety and security to take place in the days and weeks ahead.

A thorough review and update of our current building and district safety plans will take place with the goal of enhancing existing policies and procedures. We will convene our Threat Assessment Team to review our internal procedures to ensure that we remain hyper-focused on mental health issues. The Administrative Cabinet will meet to discuss our character education programs (such as the Positivity Project, etc.) and discipline protocols to deter bullying and how to best reconnect disenfranchised students to their peers and trusted adults.

Our Professional Development Committee will redouble its efforts in staff training for active shooters to extend the training that has already taken place. Our Safety Committee will ensure that the appropriate drills for both fire safety and building lockdowns will take place in accordance with New York state law.

As the board of education prepares its budget for the upcoming school year, you can be assured that resources will be earmarked to address mental health issues, improve the safety of our buildings, and harden our security infrastructure.

We understand the great trust you put in each of us every day that your children are in our care. Now more than ever, we need to come together as a community, and we encourage anyone with concerns to reach out to me or another staff member.


Craig J. Tice, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools