Threat made on school bus deemed noncredible

Dear F-M families and staff,

I want to make you aware that yesterday afternoon, March 23, while one of our buses was waiting to leave the Eagle Hill Middle School parking lot at dismissal time, the bus driver overheard a student make a threatening comment toward the school community. 

The bus driver immediately notified the school’s special patrol officer, who was supervising students on the sidewalk, who then spoke with the student and determined that the student did not realize the seriousness of his statement.

The officer determined that the student was not a threat to the school community, and the student was allowed to ride the bus home. The Eagle Hill building administration conducted its own investigation into the matter earlier today.

Please remind your students that any mention of a threat—either verbally, written or posted on social media—to an individual within our school community or the school community itself is not acceptable as a joke and will be taken seriously.

If you have any questions about this particular incident, please feel free to contact me. 


Craig J. Tice