Wellwood issues stay-in-place order as precaution

On Tuesday, Dec. 21, a Wellwood Middle School student reported to staff that another student showed them what appeared to be a bullet. Moments later, the student who brought the object to school reported on their own to the school’s main office and claimed to have dropped the object, which they said was an air gun pellet, while en route to the office.

The administration immediately notified the school information resource officer (SIRO) and a schoolwide stay-in-place order was issued in an effort to keep all students and staff inside their classrooms while the SIRO and administration searched for the object. 

The student in possession of the item did not make any threats to other students or staff and did not have any type of weapon in their possession. Based upon security camera footage, the SIRO and building administrators suspect the student disposed of the item in a restroom toilet. 

They determined there was no threat to student and staff safety. The stay-in-place order was in effect for about 30 minutes.

Having any type of ammunition, weapon or lookalike weapon is a violation of the district’s Code of Conduct, and any student who finds themselves in violation is subject to disciplinary action.

“We are thankful that our student told a staff member about what they saw so we could assess the situation and take appropriate action,” Superintendent Craig J. Tice said. “Working together is the best way to keep our community safe.”