Code of Conduct Article VII: Visitors to Schools

Parents and other school district citizens are encouraged to visit the district’s  schools. Since schools are places of work and learning, however, certain limits  must be set for such visits. For these reasons, the following rules apply to  visitors to the schools.

  1. Anyone who is not a regular staff member or student of the school is  considered a “visitor.”
  2. Except for those who are attending public gatherings or meetings, visitors must report to an administrator’s office upon arrival at the school.
  3. Parents or citizens who wish to observe a classroom while school is in session  are required to arrange such visits in advance with the classroom teacher(s), so that class disruption is kept to a minimum, and to abide by Board Policy 3210, “Visitors to the Schools.” 
  4. All visitors are expected to abide by the rules for public conduct on school  property contained in this Code of Conduct, section VIII. 

The administration has authority to determine whether the visitor has an  appropriate reason for being in the building. If the visitor is judged by the  administrator not to have an appropriate reason, the visitor will be asked to leave. The police may be called if the situation warrants.