Budget & Finance

The school budget is the biggest investment the community collectively makes with its tax dollars. District leaders work to make the most effective use of resources to benefit students, to develop and manage the budget in a responsible and transparent manner and to be accountable to taxpayers.

Each spring the board of education adopts a budget for the coming school year for a community vote. New York state has designated the third Tuesday in May as the date for school district budget votes.

2023-24 Budget Snapshot

Proposed budget: $104,966,845

Proposed school tax levy: $70,102,633

School tax levy increase: $2,581,570 or 3.82%

Proposed budget increase: $6,035, 915 or 6.10%

More Information

Voters approve 2023-24 budget

On May 16, Fayetteville-Manlius School District voters approved the district’s $104.9 million 2023-24 budget proposal, elected three board of education members, approved the purchase of six new buses, and approved the creation of a $10 million capital reserve fund. Learn more about the results here.

May 16 ballot includes school bus purchase proposition

A proposition on this year’s school budget and board of education election ballot will ask voters to authorize the purchase of six school buses as part of the district’s long-term replacement plan. More information on the proposition is available here.

Voters to decide on reserve fund proposal

On May 16, the district will be asking voters to decide on the creation of a new $10 million capital reserve fund. A capital reserve fund allows school districts to set aside money for future construction projects and major purchases. More information here.

Use Let’s Talk! for budget questions and comments

District residents are encouraged to use F-M’s Let’s Talk! online platform to submit questions and comments about the budget proposal. Let’s Talk! is a web-based, two-way communications tool that allows anyone to share concerns or questions with district administrators at any time. Submissions will be reviewed and responded to.

Video highlights the 2023-24 budget proposal

The district has produced a video detailing the proposed budget expenditures, revenues, tax levy increase and important budget dates, which has been made available on the district’s official YouTube channel. Watch the video here.

District’s budget proposal includes significant increase in state aid

District residents will go to the polls May 16 to vote on a proposed $104,966,845 school budget for the 2023-24 school year that maintains existing student programming and supports the district’s strategic plan. Learn more.

Voters to decide on library propositions

New York state education law allows libraries to place a funding proposition on school district ballots and requires school districts, at the libraries’ requests, to levy and collect taxes for libraries. More information here.

Four candidates seeking three open seats on the board of education

On May 16, Fayetteville-Manlius voters will elect three members to serve on the F-M Board of Education. Four candidates filed nominating petitions for the three available seats: Jason Catalino, Rebecca Cohen, Mucahide (Heidi) Akarvardar and Kristen Purcell. Learn more about the candidates here.

Absentee ballot applications available now

Absentee ballots applications are now available to eligible voters for the upcoming Fayetteville-Manlius School District budget and board of education election on May 16. Learn more here.

District leaders developing 2023-24 budget proposal; state aid increase is anticipated

Gov. Kathy Hochul recently announced her proposed 2024 Executive Budget that provides a $3.1 billion increase in state education funding for the 2023-24 school year and continues the effort to fully fund Foundation Aid by 2024. Read more here.

Military ballot applications available through April 20

Members of the United States Armed Forces may request an application for a military ballot to vote in the upcoming Fayetteville-Manlius School District budget and board of education election on May 16. More information is available here.

Voters to elect three board of education members

On May 16, Fayetteville-Manlius voters will choose three district residents to serve on the F-M Board of Education from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024. More information is available here.

Required Budget Postings

New York State Education Law requires school districts to post specific documents related to the operating budget.

What is the difference between the tax levy and tax rate?

The tax levy is the total amount of money a school district raises in taxes each year from all property owners in the district. Tax rates are calculated by dividing the total amount of the levy by the total taxable assessed value in a community. Tax rates are affected by changes in municipal assessments and state equalization rates, which are determined in the summer. The tax rate is used to calculate each individual property tax bill.

What is the tax levy limit, or tax cap?

The tax levy limit is the highest allowable tax levy (before exemptions) that a school district can propose as part of its annual budget for which a simple majority of voters (50 percent + 1) would be required for authorization. Any proposed tax levy amount above this limit would require budget approval by a supermajority (60 percent or more) of voters. The tax levy limit sets a threshold requiring districts to obtain a higher level of community support for a proposed tax levy above a certain amount.

School tax information

Tax rates for each municipality within the district are set each August. They are based on the tax levy for the year and final municipal assessments for each of the towns. Tax rates vary between towns because property in each is assessed at different levels in relation to full market value. The state assigns each town an equalization rate to fairly divide the tax levy between the towns.

The district does not control any part of the assessment or equalization process. Questions about assessments and equalization rates should be directed to the appropriate town assessor’s office.