The F-M Observatory is located on Pride Lane near the ICC building behind F-M High School.

Elementary students and high school earth science students use the building, which has several telescopes that allow classes to view several different celestial bodies at a time without waiting for a “reset” between each viewing.

The FM Astronomy Society also uses the observatory. When it is open to the public, the times will be posted here. Visitors planning to attend the stargazing nights should call the observatory hotline at 315-692-1299 to confirm that the observatory will be open. It may have to be closed due to cloud cover.

The F-M Education Foundation helped fund the construction of the observatory, one of the many things about the F-M district that is unique. Very few school districts in the U.S. have a functioning observatory on site, and people come from other cities to use F-M’s observatory.

For up-to-the-minute information about observatory events, please call the observatory hotline at 315-692-1299.