Food Service Helper

Position:  Food Service Helper 1

– F-M High School (Central Kitchen) – 4 hours/day (7-11 a.m.)
– F-M High School (House 1 Snack Shack) – 4 hours/day (7-11 a.m.)
– Substitute positions available (6 school locations)

Effective Date: April 9, 2019

Contact: Adam Jarosz (315-692-1809) or Angie Gatenby (315-692-1842). Please reference which building(s)/position(s) for which you are interested in being considered.

Minimum Qualifications: Work involves assisting in the preparation and serving of food, cleaning kitchen equipment and other light manual tasks incidental to the preparation of food in a school cafeteria. Cleans kitchen and cafeteria; performs a variety of cleaning including washing dishes, pots and pans; helps prepare salads, desserts, vegetables, pizza, soups and other hot foods; prepares sandwich fillings and sandwiches; sets up and refills food counter; puts leftover food away; may reheat prepared food as needed to appropriate temperature; opens canned foods and prepares them for serving; takes food carts from kitchen to cafeteria; may inventory food and supplies; unload product deliveries; and maintains record of transactions.

Minimum Qualifications: Working knowledge of the principles and practices of sanitation and personal hygiene as applied to food service and preparation. Working knowledge of the care and use of food service equipment and cooking utensils. Ability to operate a cash register. Cleanliness.

To Apply: Prior to the posting expiration date, interested currently employed food service employees must contact the Supervisor directly. Inform the Supervisor that you are a food service employee to be interviewed. All other interested applicants must submit applications to the Business Office. Applications are not accepted at the building level.

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