Eighth grade students make a difference through Agents of Change

Eighth grade students from both Eagle Hill and Wellwood are discovering what they feel passionate about and taking action, thanks to a class called Agents of Change.

The class, offered in both middle schools, encourages students to practice active citizenship by identifying a need within their school, neighborhood, or local community and working to generate solutions. Throughout the year, the class focuses on civic engagement through discussing current events, identifying community needs, and taking action through project planning and management.

In January, students presented projects in front of their classmates that addressed a positive change they’d like to see in the world around them. Student ideas ranged from healthier lunch options at school, to creating a student-run dialogue club, adding more comfortable seating options into classrooms, installing solar panels onto school buildings, and so much more. 

Two students, Emery Gerace and Sadie Mathews, even presented their project to the Board of Education on Jan. 22, 2024. They proposed offering American Sign Language as a world language at F-M, arguing it would create a more welcoming and affirming school environment, increase diversity, and open career paths for students.

When discussing what they learned while researching, most students enthusiastically admitted that though their assignments were completed, they wanted to continue their work towards positive change at school.

Eighth grade students in Agents of Change present their project ideas in front of classmates.