Computer Science

Computer Science courses are designed to prepare students for an Engineering, Math, Science or Computer Science college major, as well for students who want to gain a deeper understanding of how technology works and how software applications, including games, are designed and written. One unit of Computer Science may be substituted for one unit of math. Please see your counselor for more information.

0522 Computer Science I: Python I

20 weeks, 1/2 credit, Grades 9-12
Learn the basics of video game development by using an easy to learn computer programming language. This is an introductory course in Computer Science where you’ll be introduced to computer programming concepts and techniques that will lead to a final project in which you design and code your own game. You’ll also have the opportunity to develop troubleshooting and debugging skills by testing the games other students have written. If you are planning to major in engineering or computer science in college, or are just interested in learning more about how video games are developed and written, this is the course for you!

0523 COMPUTER SCIENCE II: Python II & Java

20 weeks, 1/2 credit, Grades 9-12
Prerequisites: Computer Science I or permission of instructor.
Continue to build on the programming skills you learned in Computer Science I. This course will cover more programming concepts using Python such as loops, data structures, and object oriented programming. Students will practice solving problems and prepare for future courses. Java is a major programming language used in every major
industry segment and is present in a wide range of devices, computers, and networks. After this course, students may be recommended to take AP Computer Science or decide to take Computer Science III.

0513 COMPUTER SCIENCE III: Exploratory Computer Science

40 weeks, 1 credit, Grades 10-12
Prerequisites: Computer Science II or permission of instructor.
Explore several languages and applications for computer science. The languages covered in this course include, HTML, CSS, Javascript, C++, and Java. The topics covered in this course will revolve around solving advanced problems, developing web applications, and programming hardware. This course will conclude with concepts from the first 3 units of AP Computer Science A to give students an introduction to the AP level course.


40 weeks, 1 credit, Grades 11-12
Prerequisites: CS1, CS2, and CS3, or permission of instructor.
This course prepares students to take the AP Computer Science A examination. Topics covered include: programming methodology, problem solving, algorithm development, object-oriented programming techniques, searching and sorting methods, and an introduction to data structures, using the Java programming language.


20 weeks, 1/2 credit, Grades 9-12
Prerequisites: Basic Computer Knowledge
This is an exciting and fascinating course for students interested in designing, editing, and publishing a website using web editors such as Google Sites and Canva. The course introduces students to the coding languages used for web design, HTML and CSS, to enhance and personalize websites. An emphasis on how to design an effective website for a specific purpose and collaboration with other students on projects is a theme embedded throughout the course. Students will leave the class with a digital portfolio of websites designed both individually and within a team atmosphere.