Grading System

Marks reflect the academic achievement of the student. When determining marks, teachers consider a variety of factors including tests, quizzes, homework, notebooks, projects, and class participation. Due to the differing nature of courses at the high school, teachers weigh these factors differently in each course. Consequently, students should consult teachers to find out how they are being graded.

Marks are reported four (4) times a year with mid-marking period notices (Academic Progress Reports) available in Schooltool during each of the marking periods. A schedule can be found on the school calendar. Parents and students may review assignments and current grades by accessing Schooltool at any time. For report cards, the high school uses numeric grades on a scale of 0-100, with 65 being the lowest passing grade.

In addition to numeric grades, the following codes may be seen on a report  card:

  • W = Withdrawn
  • P = Pass
  • INC = Incomplete
  • MED = Medical Excuse