Technology & Design

Technology and Design courses offer students a wide variety of experiences, both in the laboratory as well as in the classroom. These courses offer a pre-engineering environment in design, innovation and invention. They allow for experiences with tools, materials, machines and techniques. Each course utilizes Computer Aided Drafting programs to assist students in creative designs that deal with their lab activities. These courses are oriented for the college bound student as well as the trade oriented student.

For students seeking the Advanced Regents Diploma, five units from the Technology and Design Program outlined below may replace the three-unit LOTE requirement.

  • Career and Financial Management
  • Two Foundation Courses
  • One Systems Course
  • Two Technical Electives
  • Any remaining technology & design course not yet taken. Can include one photo course.

There is no required order in which these courses must be scheduled. No course has a prerequisite.

Foundation Courses

  • * 0411 Design and Drawing Production; 1 credit; grades 9-12
  • 0455 Basic Electricity/Electronics; 1/2 credit; grades 10-12
  • 0457 Principles of Engineering; 1 credit; grades 10-12

* The Design and Drawing for Production (D.D.P.) class fulfills the 1 credit Art/Music graduation requirement.

Systems Courses

  • 0426 Transportation Systems; 1/2 credit; grades 9-12
  • 0424 Production Systems; 1/2 credit; grades 9-12

Technical Electives

  • 0413 Residential Structures; 1/2 credit; grades 9-12
  • 0414 Automotive Technology; 1/2 credit; grades 9-12
  • 0412 Architectural Drawing and Design; 1/2 credit; grades 10-12
  • 0429 Aerospace and Aviation Design; 1/2 credit; grades 9-12


For students who would like a strong engineering and design experience:

  • * 0411 Design and Drawing for Production
  • 0412 Architectural Drawing and Design
  • 0429 Aerospace and Aviation Design
  • 0455 Basic Electricity/Electronics
  • 0457 Principles of Engineering

* The Design and Drawing for Production (D.D.P.) class fulfills the 1 credit Art/Music graduation requirement.


For students who may be interested in architecture or construction:

  • * 0411 Design and Drawing for Production
  • 0412 Architectural Drawing and Design
  • 0413 Residential Structures
  • 0455 Basic Electricity/Electronics

* The Design and Drawing for Production (D.D.P.) class fulfills the 1 credit Art/Music graduation requirement.


For students who may be interested in various modes of transportation or automotive repair and maintenance:

  • * 0411 Design and Drawing for Production
  • 0414 Automotive Technology
  • 0426 Transportation Systems

*The Design and Drawing for Production (D.D.P.) class fulfills the 1 credit Art/Music graduation requirement.


40 Weeks, 1 Credit, Grades 9-12

This course provides experiences for the student to be given a design problem and present a solution through design and drawing exercises. The course is a creative design class which requires students to work collaboratively to design, create, critically analyze and critique their own work. Students will engage in assigned design problems and present their solutions through design, drawing, and model building. This course is essential for understanding fundamental principles of engineering and design; it is intended as a precursor to college entry classes in engineering and design. This course fulfills the one-year Art/Music requirement.


20 Weeks, 1/2 Credit, Grades 10-12

For the art student and the technically oriented student, this course deals with fundamentals of design and drafting as related to building construction. Computerized drafting (CAD system) is available for dimensional drawings and 3D renderings. The MAC computer lab is also utilized to develop drawing and artistic renderings of architectural designs. Topics covered in this course include: history and culture, tools and techniques, aesthetics, site plan, area and room planning, floor plan, dimensioning, sectioning andp framing, exterior elevation, perspectives, and careers. This course is highly recommended to students who are looking forward to an engineering or art/design career after high school.


20 Weeks, 1/2 Credit, Grades 9-12

For students interested in any aspect of flying, this course introduces: fundamentals of flight; navigation; communications; meteorology; flight physiology; propulsion systems; and space technology. Applications will be made through the construction of model aircraft and rocketry as well as the design of partial structures of actual-size aircraft. Careers in the field of flight are investigated. Computer drafting (CAD systems) is available for use in projects related to aerospace designs, along with other computer programs designed to instruct and offer experience in fundamental aviation.


20 Weeks, 1/2 Credit, Grades 9-12

This course has a student centered approach to one of the basic activities of our society – that of production. Students select, design, and manufacture products using assembly line techniques and current technology. All systems of the manufacturing process are covered: advertising; sales and service; labor relations and investment of capital; distribution of profits; employment possibilities; and trends for the future. This course introduces students to basic cabinet and furniture construction skills along with principles of engineering and design.


20 Weeks, 1/2 Credit, Grades 10-12

This course offers the student the opportunity to perform lab experiments and construct electronic projects of his/her choice. Experiments and projects include: electricity in the home; line voltage; low voltage; passive and active devices; and other basic concepts and principles of electronics. It is a fundamental course for any student who desires a technical career after high school. This course encourages application and experiment.

0457 Principles of Engineering

40 Weeks, 1 Credit, Grades 10-12

Principles of Engineering (POE) exposes students to major concepts they would encounter in post-secondary engineering courses. Students will explore a variety of design problems including energy sources and applications, hydroponics, modeling, machine systems and robotics. Students will develop their understanding with design projects relevant to the “real world” while functioning within groups. Students will hone their knowledge of research and design, creating innovative and practical solutions to a host of design challenges. The student design teams will properly document their work and communicate their solutions to a panel of peers and members of the professional community.


20 Weeks, 1/2 Credit, Grades 9-12

This course exposes students to basic theories related to various modes of transportation including: rocketry; airplanes; snowmobiles; outboard motors; and the automobile. In the technology lab, where hand tool and machine safety and usage are stressed, students will engage in hands-on and problem solving activities. Groups of students use their math, science, and engineering skills to design and develop the best possible solution. Students then use their hand tool and machine skills to build the final design. Each problem solving activity concludes with the students testing their designs in exciting, class wide competitions.


20 Weeks, 1/2 Credit, Grades 9-12

This course engages the student in the basic principles and systems needed to operate land vehicles. It is linked to the transportation systems course but allows for more lab work and individual investigation. This is a practical course for students interested in automotive repair and maintenance and requires creativity and innovation when solving problems within land transportation technology.


20 Weeks, 1/2 Credit, Grades 9-12

Students will create a model home design from initial planning to the final site completion. Students collaborate in constructing a scaled version of a residential home of their choice, utilizing basic tools of design and model construction. Computer Aided Drafting serves as an important tool to visualize and direct the thought processes required for this course. This course is for students interested in house construction, interior and exterior design, architectural drafting and engineering.