Reopening F-M Schools

Fayetteville-Manlius School District 2020-21 School Reopening Plan. Reopening advisory committees with representation from all stakeholder groups helped shape the reopening plan, which is based on all available guidance from state and public health agencies. For updated COVID-19 information from the school district, including important notices, learning and childcare resources, and food distribution plans, please go to this page.

Fayetteville-Manlius High School Student Activities Office

Contact Information

Mr. Michael P. O’Brien, Director of Student Activities, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Svea Cook, Secretary

The Student Activities Office (SAO) is located in the F-M High School House II office. Students interested in joining a club or starting a new club should stop by the SAO for more information.

2018-19 Club/Advisor/Room/Meetings


  • A cappella: Basses Loaded, Mr. Hebert, Choir Room, 7:15 a.m. Wednesdays
  • A cappella: Lookin’ for Treble, Dr. Greene, Choir Room, Wednesdays
  • Advocates in Action, Mrs. Cioppa, 2131, Tuesdays
  • Alphabet Soup, Clardy/Hefti/Madden/Rubacka, 1101, every other Thursday
  • American Sign Language Club, Ms. Brennen, 1104, Wednesdays
  • Archaeology Club, Mr. Sorensen, 1217, Thursdays, twice per month
  • Asian Club, Mr. Sorensen, 1217, Thursdays, once per month
  • Astronomy Club, Mr. Meyerhoefer, 2226, every other Thursday


  • Bro-Jo/Film Club, Mrs. Hammond, 2103, Wednesdays


  • Ceramics Club, Mr. Webster, 1171, Wednesdays
  • Chemistry Club, Mrs. Hance/Mrs. Wisbey, 2218, Thursday, once per month
  • Chess Club, Mrs. Patroulis, library, Mondays
  • CIAO: Italian Club, Mr. Aldrich, 1214, TBD
  • Community Connections, Mrs. Barr, 1111, Thursdays, TBD
  • Community Wide Dialogue, Ms. Parker/Ms. Newell, 1105/1206, five times per year
  • Crew/FM Rowing Team, Coach Cusano, Athletic Office, varies


  • Dance Team, Mrs. Campitello-Chevez, Auxiliary Gym, TBD
  • Dungeons and Dragons, Ms. Wheeler/Ms. Parker, 1203/1206, Fridays


  • ECOS, Mrs. Cocquyt, 2120, Tuesdays


  • FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), Mrs. Palider, 2228, every other Wednesday
  • FM Art Club, Mrs. Gabriel, 1168, Wednesdays
  • FM Beatbox Club, Mr. Hebert, 1147, Thursdays
  • FM Competitive Gaming (FMCG), Mrs. Stokes/Mrs. Fiorito, 1147, Thursdays
  • FM Fresh Meals, Mr. Gnacik, 2118, TBD
  • FM International, Mr. Muench, 1213, Tuesday bi-weekly
  • FM Observatory Volunteers, Mr. Meyerhoefer, Observatory, twice in fall/ twice in spring
  • FM Students for Life, Mrs. Hausladen, 2110, Wednesdays once per month
  • Fall Play, Mr. Engel/Ms. Breed, 1204/1201, TBD
  • Fashion Society, Mrs. Grenga, 1123, Wednesdays
  • Film & Culture Club, Mrs. DelConte, 1106, Thursdays
  • French Club, Dr. Mahns, 2235, once per month


  • Garden Club, Mr. DeForest, 1107/Garden, Wednesdays (seasonal)
  • German Club, Frau Stewart, 2213, Wednesdays
  • Girl Up, Mrs. Krol, 2111, Wednesdays, once per month


  • High Schoolers with Heart, Mrs. Miller, 1113, TBD
  • Hip Hop Club, Dr, Greene, Black Box, Thursdays
  • History Bee, Mr. Aldrich, 1216, Wednesdays
  • History Day Club, Mr. Muench, 1213, once per month


  • Improv Club, Mr. Engel, Black Box, Fridays
  • Interact, Mrs. Comer, 2135, every other Tuesday
  • International homeroom, Ms. Mitchell, 2212, daily homeroom
  • It’s Common Sense, Dr. watson, 1115, every other Wednesday


  • Junior Classical League, Dr. Hunt, 2206, Wednesdays once per month


  • Key Club, Mr. Delans/Mrs. Flannery, 2125, Thursdays twice per month


  • Masterminds, Mr. Buchman, 2220, varies
  • Math League, Mrs. Bishop/Mr. Alvarez/Mrs. Hebert, 2114/2112/2116, four meets per year
  • Middle School Tutoring, Mrs. Wheeler/Mrs. Rubacka, WW; Mrs. Alderman/Mrs. Chapman, EH; days set by counselors and students
  • Mock Trial, Mr. Worm, 1216, Mondays and Thursdays
  • Model United Nations, Ms. Gross/Mr. McGuigan, 1117/1112, TBD
  • Multiplex Politics United, Mrs. Miller/Mr. McGuigan, 1113/1112, TBD


  • Patriot Club, Mrs. Hajduk, 2106, once per month
  • P.A.W.S., Mrs. Hefti, 1101, every other Wednesday
  • Programming Club, Ms. Gilbert, 1167, varies


  • ROCA, Mrs. Allsopp, 1116, varies
  • Relay for Life, Mr. Gnacik/Mrs. Reichel, 2118, Mondays
  • Robotics Club, Mr. Buchman/Mr. Shute, 2220, varies


  • S.A.F.E., Mrs. Patrick/Mrs. Coughlin, TBD, TBD
  • Science Honor Society, Mr. Gnacik/Mrs. Reichel, auditorium, Wednesdays, five times per year
  • Science Olympiad Team, Mr. Buchman, 2220, varies
  • Set Construction Club, Mr. Engel, 1142, varies
  • Showboat, Ms. Breed/Mr. Engel, auditorium, varies
  • Ski/Snowboard Club, Mr. Doug Madden, Toggenburg Mtn., Wednesdays in January and February
  • Spanish Club, Mrs. Campitello-Chévez, 2214, TBD
  • Spanish Honor Society, Mrs. Mithell/Mrs. Tzetzis, 2212/2210, varies
  • Sports Intramurals, Physical Education Department, Gym 1 & 2, TBD
  • Stage Crew Club, Mr. Makay, Auditorium, TBD
  • Step Team, Mrs. Popper/Mrs. Kelly, TBA, TBA
  • Syracuse Stage Goers, Mr. Engel, 1204, six times per year


  • Table Tennis Club, Mrs. Palider, House 1 Gym, Mondays
  • The Buzz (Newspaper), Mr. DeForest, 1107, Thursdays
  • Thespian Troupe #98, Mr. Engel, Black Box, second Thursday each month
  • THINK/SWAP, Mrs. Cocquyt, 2120, every other Wednesday


  • Unified Friends, Mrs. Carlson, 2140, once per month


  • Victorian Literature Club, Ms. DelConte, 1106, every other Wednesday
  • Video Game Club, Mr. McGuigan, 1112, TBD
  • Voices (Literary Magazine), Mr. Clardy, 1103, Mondays


  • Weiqi/Go Club, Mr. Fox, 1214, Tuesdays


  • Yoga & Mindfulness Club, Mrs. Giacona, auxiliary gym, Tuesdays
  • Youth Engineering Initiative, Mrs. Estock, 2121, Tuesdays