Student Services Office


The Student Services Office distributes unofficial transcripts and working papers to students and will collect homework upon request for students who are ill and absent from school for more than three days. There is a 24-hour turn-around time for homework collection.

Working Papers

There are two forms required for students to obtain working papers and they are each available in the Student Services Office.

  • Application for employment
  • Physical fitness certificate

Students living within the district but not attending F-M High School must provide either proof of birth, a driver’s license or passport.

All applicants for working papers must show proof of a physical within one year.  If the applicant is an F-M student, the Student Services Office can verify the date of a student’s last physical.

Part I of the application must be completed and must include the applicant’s social security number, parent signature and the top part of the physical fitness certificate.

Applicants for working papers must return the completed forms to the Student Services Office. Applicants will then receive the appropriate card (blue for students ages 14 and 15; green for students ages 16 and 17) to sign.