Touchdown! Heartwarming moment on the field is a win for everyone

The F-M JV football team planned a special play during their final home game of the season. They practiced prior to game day, and looped in their opponents, Baldwinsville. The goal: get Noah Dickinson into the game, and hand him the ball. 

Noah has down syndrome, and this is his second year on the JV team. During the October 14 game against Baldwinsville, he scored his first touchdown of the season.

“Society would function much better if it could operate like a football locker room,” said coach James Fiacco. 

“In the game of football, individuals from all different races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds come together, bond together, and work together throughout the season. On a football team the only significant trait or quality of each individual person that matters is, are you willing to help the team achieve our shared objective?” 

Coach Fiacco said players, coaches, and referees worked together to make this happen. A time out was called so they could run the play. Noah’s F-M teammates planned to storm the end zone in celebration, but when Noah scored, Baldwinsville’s entire team joined in the excitement too. 

“This is a stark reminder of the power of sports; players, coaches, officials, and fans will remember this moment from the season, long after they remember the individual wins and losses,” added Coach Fiacco.

Coach Fiacco said Noah grew so much as a football player this year, through his participation in drills: blocking, and tackling during practice; but, every player and coach on the team grew as people this year because of Noah.

You can watch the play here, or below.

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