Motivational speaker teaches F-M students that ‘other people matter’

A youth inspirational speaker recently visited Wellwood Middle School to teach students about the importance of treating others with dignity, respect and compassion.

During two 45-minute assemblies for seventh- and eighth-grade students, speaker David Flood infused humor, personal stories and honesty into his presentations, which are designed to help students form a closer, more caring community. He encouraged students to use their hearts in order to look at people and things in a different way.

“We are all alike on the inside,” Flood said. “Stop looking at people on the outside and start looking on the inside.”

As part of the presentations, Flood urged students to take action so that no one feels lonely or left out. He also challenged students to be accepting of others who might be perceived as being different.

“Your life is not about you,” he said. “It’s about all of the people around you. Care more for others; think of yourself less.”

He also encouraged students to use social media responsibly and avoid participating in gossip.

Flood was invited to speak at Wellwood in support of the school’s character education program, The Positivity Project, which encourages students to build strong, meaningful relationships in their school community and beyond by fostering self-confidence and appreciation of others.

Wellwood students have been working this school year to make The Positivity Project’s mantra #OtherPeopleMatter a building-wide mindset.