Code of Conduct Article V: Remedial Responses to Violation of the Code of Conduct

Students who violate this code may also be referred to remedial action as the  facts may warrant, including any of the measures listed below:

  1. peer support groups; corrective instruction or other relevant learning or  service experience;
  2. supportive intervention;
  3. behavioral assessment or evaluation;
  4. behavioral management plans, with benchmarks that are closely monitored;  and/or
  5. student counseling and parent conferences.

Beyond these individual-focused remedial responses, school-wide or  environmental remediation may also be utilized. These strategies may include:

  1. school and community surveys or other strategies for determining the conditions contributing to the relevant behavior;
  2. adoption of research-based prevention programs;
  3. modification of schedules;
  4. adjustment in hallway traffic and other student routes of travel;
  5. targeted use of monitors;
  6. staff professional development;
  7. parent conferences;
  8. involvement of parent-teacher organizations; and/or
  9. peer support groups.