Code of Conduct Article VIII: Public Conduct at School Events

The district is committed to providing an orderly, respectful environment that is conducive to learning. To create and maintain this kind of an environment, it is necessary to establish rules for public conduct on school property and at  school functions. Such rules, as well as consequences for violation of such  rules, are contained in this code.

Spectator and audience conduct at school events

Throughout the course of a school year there are many occasions when parents and other interested citizens attend meetings, presentations, activities, and athletic contests. Consistent with District philosophy, policy, and Code of Conduct all members of an audience of a school sponsored event are expected to demonstrate appropriate conduct. Accordingly, they must  conduct themselves in a manner that encourages a positive and enjoyable experience for all. They are to treat all those in attendance (students, staff, players, coaches, officials, performers, and other members of the audience) with respect and follow the behavioral guidelines set out in section III.C,  including a prohibition on verbal or physical abuse, use of profanity, or use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal substances.

Should anyone in attendance at a school-sponsored event violate these behavioral expectations, the individual will be subject to actions, which may include a verbal warning, removal from the event, a written warning, limits on attendance of future District events or criminal prosecution. An administrator, teacher, or coach in attendance at a school District event has the authority to assess the conduct of spectators and members of the audience and to intervene, and, if the spectator or member of the audience refuses to comply with direction or becomes unruly, to seek assistance from police.