Strategic Plan


Vision Statement

Our vision as a school community is to inspire students and promote personal success.

F-M Mission Statement

Our mission is to build on our commitment to academic excellence with a focus on authentic learning experiences, civic responsibility and innovative programs. We will accomplish this in an environment that fosters meaningful relationships, supports the overall wellness of each student and promotes continuous improvement in each of the district priority areas: teaching and learning; positive school environment; supportive community partnerships; and fiscal capacity and responsibility.

District Priority Areas and Goals

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning is innovative, engaging and rigorous so that students become self-directed learners and achieve academic and personal success.

  • Refine curriculum and instruction to address revised New York state standards, frameworks and regulations.
  • Maintain district technology infrastructure and advance instructional technology in all areas. 
  • Support professional development for teachers in an educational environment of accelerated change.
  • Expand course offerings, units of study and learning opportunities that promote student engagement and allow for student voice and choice.

Positive School Environment

The school environment is safe and secure and students are equipped with the skills to confidently navigate their complex lives.

  • Implement board-approved recommendations from the district safety and security task force, including expansion of the SIRO/SPO program.
  • Design and develop learning spaces that support student inquiry, innovation and collaboration.
  • Enhance mental health instruction and develop social-emotional learning opportunities to support all students in an inclusive and flexible school setting.
  • Investigate building programs and schedules that enrich student health and wellness and promote the development of the whole child.

Service Learning and Community Partnerships

Educational opportunities extend beyond the classroom to enrich learning, develop student awareness of the global community and promote intellectual and civic engagement.

  • Participate in Tri-State Consortium professional development and member study groups and plan for a district visit/consultancy.
  • Establish student service learning opportunities that are aligned with the curriculum and enhance classroom learning.
  • Nurture community partnerships and national collaboratives to expand student learning opportunities and workforce development and growth.

Fiscal Capacity and Responsibility

The budget and spending plan support educational excellence and quality facilities while being sensitive to the taxpayers of the district.

  • Maintain a strong financial position through the optimization of revenues and cost-effective business practices.
  • Complete capital improvement projects on time and within budget to improve learning spaces, building security and accessibility.
  • Monitor the long-range facilities plan to ensure that district facilities are responsive to contemporary teaching and learning needs and support a productive work environment for all employees.