Reopening F-M Schools

Fayetteville-Manlius School District 2020-21 School Reopening Plan

For COVID-19 information, including important district notices, learning and childcare resources and food distribution plans, please go to this page.

District Street List with Corresponding School Zones


School Zones

EH: Eagle Hill Middle School
ER: Enders Road Elementary School
FE: Fayetteville Elementary School
MR: Mott Road Elementary School
WW: Wellwood Middle School


F: Fayetteville
M: Manlius

Street List

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, V, W, Y


Abington Cir, Manlius,  ER EH
Academy St, Fay FE WW
Academy St, Man ER EH
Adah Dr, M FE WW
Aladdin Dr, F FE WW
Alley Way, M ER EH
Amelia Trl, M ER EH
Anglia St, M ER EH
Appletree Ridge, M MR WW
Arbutus Dr, M ER EH
Armstrong Rd, M MR WW
Artisan Way, M ER EH
Ashlind Cir, M ER EH
Audubon Rd, F MR WW
Austin Dr South, M ER EH
Austrian Pine Cir, M MR EH
Avriel Dr, F MR WW
Aylesbury Path, M ER EH


Balmoral Dr, F FE WW
Barberry Ln, M MR WW
Barker Ln, F FE WW
Barksdale Ln, M ER EH
Beech St, F FE WW
Bentbrook Dr, M ER EH
Berklin Dr, F MR WW
Berkshire Pkwy, M FE WW
Bishop Dr, F FE WW
Bishop’s Glen, F FE WW
Black Spruce Cir, M MR EH
Blarney Stone Way, M ER EH
Bluffview Dr, M ER EH
Bonniebrae Ter, F FE WW
Brae Leure Rd, M ER EH
Brandywine Dr, M MR EH
Braxton Cir, F MR WW
Briar Brook Run, F FE WW
Briarwood Cir, M MR WW
Briarwood Ln, M MR WW
Brickyard Falls Rd, M MR EH
Brinan Fields Run, M ER EH
Bristol Rd, F MR WW
Britain Rd, F MR WW
Broadfield Rd, M ER EH (#7551-8100s; less=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Brookhill Dr North, M MR EH
Brookhill Dr South, M MR EH
Brooklea Dr, F FE WW
Brookside Ln, F FE WW
Brookside East Apts, M MR EH (use 312 W Seneca St, M)
Brown-Gulf Rd, J ER EH (#7626+7656 only; rest=Fabius-Pompey)
N Burdick St, F MR WW (#100-5590; higher=East Syracuse-Minoa)
S Burdick St, F MR WW
Burke Rd, J ER EH
Burlington Dr, M FE WW
Buttonvale Rd, F FE WW
Byron Rd, F MR WW


Cahill Rd, M FE WW
Cammot Ln, F FE WW
Candy Ln, M FE WW
Canterbury Dr, M FE WW
Canyonwood Ln, J ER EH
Carey Ct, M FE WW
Carey Dr, M FE WW
Carnoustie Ln, M ER EH
Carriage House East Apts MR WW (use 311 W Seneca St, M)
Cascades Dr, M MR WW
Cashin Dr, F FE WW
Cavalry Cir, M FE WW
Cavalry Green Dr, M MR WW
Cazenovia Rd, Cazenovia ER EH (#8681-8779; higher=Cazenovia Schools)
Cazenovia Rd, Manlius ER EH (#8034-8675)
Cedar Bay Rd, F MR WW (some JD & ESM)
Cedar Heights Dr, Fay MR WW (only 2 houses in Fayetteville: #100+101)
Cedar Heights Dr, James MR WW
Cedar Ln, J MR WW
Cedar St, F FE WW
Center St, F FE WW
Centerfield Ct, M FE WW
Chadwick Cir, J ER EH
Changing Seasons Cir, F FE WW
Chapel St, F FE WW
Charlemont Dr, M MR EH
Chatham Dr, M ER EH
Cherry Ln, M FE WW
Cheviot Ct, F FE WW
Chippendale Dr, M ER EH
Chittenango Rd, M: ER EH (use E Seneca Tpk, M)
Churchill Ct, F FE WW (#500-615)
Churchill Ln, F FE WW (#100-428)
Cirrus Ct, M ER EH
Clark Ln, M FE WW
Clark Rd, F FE WW
Clearwater Cir, M MR EH
Cleveland Blvd, F MR WW
Clinton St, Fayetteville FE WW
Clinton St, Manlius FE WW
Collin Ave, F FE WW
Commandant Way, M ER EH
Concord Pl, F FE WW
Cone Wood Trl, M MR EH
Corsica Ln, M ER EH
Craine Dr, M ER EH
Cranberry Ln, F MR WW
Creekcrest Cir, M ER EH


Dabney Ln, F MR WW
Dartmoor Crossing, F MR WW
Dartmouth Cir, M ER EH
Dawley Rd, F FE WW
Decoy Run, M ER EH
Deer Crossing Run, M ER EH
Dogwood Ln, M MR WW
Dover Rd, F MR WW
Draycott Rd, F MR WW
Drinkwater Ln, M ER EH
Druids’ Glen, M ER EH
Duane Dr, F MR WW
Duguid Rd, Fayetteville FE WW (#5136-5490)
Duguid Rd, Manlius FE WW (#4870-5127)
Dunhill Rd, F FE WW
Duvall Cir, M ER EH
Duxbury Cir, M MR EH
Dycus Cir, M ER EH


E Franklin St, F FE WW
E Genesee St, Chittenango FE WW (#8638-8851)
E Genesee St, F FE WW (#100-8633; except #7067-7320)
E Genesee St, F MR WW (#7067-7320)
E Seneca St, M 3 digit #s: odds=FE+WW evens=ER+EH
E Seneca Turnpike, M ER EH (4 digit #s through #8667; higher=Chittenango)
N Eagle Village Rd, M ER EH (#4944-5062)
N Eagle Village Rd, M FE WW (#5073-5167)
S Eagle Village Rd, M ER EH
East Ridge Pointe Dr, F FE WW
Edgemere Ln, F FE WW
Edgewood Pkwy, F FE WW
Edgeworth Dr, M ER EH
Edwards Falls Ln, M ER EH
Edwards Ln, F FE WW
Eldridge Rd, M ER EH
Elkhorn Rd, M FE WW
Elm St, F FE WW
Elmbrook Dr, M FE WW
Emblem Cir, M ER EH
Enders Rd, M ER EH
Equestrian Ridge, M ER EH
Eton Ln, M FE WW
Euclid Dr, F MR WW
Eureka Dr, M FE WW
Eventyde Cir, M MR EH
Everglades Dr, M MR EH


Fairfield St, F FE WW
Fairgrounds Dr, M MR EH
Fairhurst Ave, M FE WW
Fairlawn Dr, F MR WW
Fallen Oaks Ln, M ER EH
Falling Brook Path, F FE WW
Fanlight Cir, M MR WW
Farley Ln, M MR EH
Farmington Rd, M MR WW
Fawn Ridge, M MR EH
Fayette Cir, Fay etteville MR WW
Fayette Dr, Fayetteville MR WW
Fayette St, Manlius FE WW
Feeder St, F FE WW
Ferris Ln, F FE WW
Fieldstone Dr, F FE WW
Firebird Ln, M MR EH
Firethorn Cir, M ER EH
First St, F MR WW
Fitch St , F MR WW
Flagpole Cir, M ER EH
Flume Rd, M ER EH
Foxcroft Ln, F FE WW
Frank Long Rd, J ER EH (#6955-7185; less=Fabius-Pompey)
E Franklin St, F FE WW
W Franklin St, F FE WW
Franklin St, M FE WW
Fraser Fir Dr, M MR EH
Front Royal Cir, F FE WW


Gadwall Ln, M ER EH
Garrett Dr, M FE WW
Gates Rd, Jamesville ER EH (#3900s-7500s; 4100,4200,4300,4400s=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Gates Rd, Manlius ER EH (#7637-7779)
Gazebo Path, F MR WW
E Genesee St, Chitt FE WW (#8638-8851)
E Genesee St, F FE WW (#100-8633, except #7067-7320)
E Genesee St, F MR WW (#7067-7320)
W Genesee St, F MR WW (#100s + 200s – mostly businesses)
George Taylor Rd, F FE WW
Gibbs Rd, M ER EH
Glen Eagle Dr, M ER EH
Glencliffe Rd, M MR WW
Golden Heights Dr, F FE WW
Green Lakes Rd, F FE WW (#8454-8590; less=East Syracuse-Minoa)
Green St, F FE WW
Greenridge Dr, M FE WW
Griffin Dr, F MR WW
Gulf Rd, Chittenango ER EH (#5500s)
Gulf Rd, Chittenango FE WW (#5600+5700s)


Hadley Ln, M ER EH
Hale Rd, M ER EH
Halite Course, F FE WW
Hand Hewn Way, M ER EH
Hanson Way, F FE WW
Hartsfield Pl, M ER EH
Harwich Dr, M MR EH
Harwick Ter, M ER EH
Haystack Ln, Chittenango FE WW
Henderson Rd, J ER EH (#6996 only; rest=JD+FP)
Henneberry Rd, Jamesv ille ER EH (#3717-3900; #3724+3754=Fabius-Pompey)
Henneberry Rd, Manlius ER EH (#4016-4198; #4183=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Henneberry Rd, Manlius MR EH (#4202-4550; #4205,4227,4287+4297=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Henschke Dr, F FE WW
Hepatica Hill Rd, M ER EH
Hepplewhite Dr, M ER EH
Heritage Cir, M MR EH
Heritage Way, M FE WW (Town House East Apts; use 128 W Pleasant St, M)
Highbridge St, Fayetteville MR WW
Highbridge Rd, Fayetteville MR WW (#7000s-7300s; #7000-7154 evens=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Highbridge Rd, Fayetteville FE WW (#7400s)
Highbridge Rd, Manlius FE WW (#7500-7600s)
Highbridge Ln, Fayetteville MR WW
Highbridge Ter, Fayetteville MR WW
Hillside Dr, M FE WW
Hillview Cir, M ER EH
Hoag Ln, F FE WW
Hobnail, M ER EH
Homewood Dr, F MR WW
Horseshoe Ln, Chittenango ER EH
Horsey Ln, Chittenango FE WW (some are Chittenango Schools)
Hoylake Dr, M ER EH
Hunt Dr, F MR WW
Hunt Ln, F FE WW
Hunters’ Ridge Dr, M MR EH
Huntington Ln, M ER EH
Huntleigh Ave, F FE WW
Huntshill Rd, M FE WW
Huntwood Path, M FE WW
Hyde Rd, M ER EH


Iliad Dr, M ER EH
Indian Hill Rd, M ER EH
Irish Mist Ln, M ER EH


Jack in the Pulpit, M ER EH
Jackson Rd, F FE WW
James St, F FE WW
Jarvis Dr, M MR EH
John St, F FE WW


Karakul Ln, F FE WW
Kehoe Ln, M ER EH
Kelly Dr, M FE WW
Kennedy St, F MR WW
Kenny St, F MR WW
Kessler Ln, F FE WW
Kevan Cir, M FE WW
Killarney Ln, M ER EH
Kimball Rd, M ER EH
Kimry Moor, F MR WW
Kinderlane, Jamesville ER EH
King Rd, M MR WW
Kinloch Cir, F FE WW
Kittiwake Run, M ER EH
Knighthood Cir, F FE WW


Lafayette Ln, F FE WW
Lakeview Dr, F MR WW
Lamp Post Cir, M ER EH
Lamplighter Ln, M MR WW
Landgrove Dr, F FE WW
Ledyard Ave, Fayetteville FE WW
Ledyard Dr, Manlius FE WW
Left Field Course, M FE WW
Lewis Ln, F FE WW
Liberty Ln, M ER EH
Limberlost Ln, M MR WW
Limber Pine Cir, M MR EH
Limestone Dr, M ER EH
Limestone Plz, F FE WW (use Brooklea Dr, F)
Lincoln Ave, F FE WW
Linden Ln, F FE WW
Linkside Dr, M MR WW
Linwood Ln, M ER EH
Luan Cir, J MR WW
Lythim Cir, M ER EH


MacClenthen Rd, M ER EH
N Manlius St, F FE WW (3 digit #s)
N Manlius Rd, F FE WW (4 digit #s; #5481-5622; higher=East Syracuse-Minoa)
S Manlius St, F FE WW (3 digit #s; becomes F-M Rd at Hunt Ln)
Maple Dr, F MR WW (#717,728,731 only; rest=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Marangale Rd, M FE WW
Margo Ln, F FE WW
Market Place Dr, M ER EH
Marmot Cir, Jamesville MR WW (#6545=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Masonic Way, M FE WW
McClennan Dr, F MR WW
McDermott Rd, M FE WW
Meadow Dr, F FE WW
Meadowridge Rd, M MR WW
Meadowview Ct, M ER EH
Mechanic St, F FE WW
Memory Ln, M FE WW
Merrimac Dr, M ER EH
Mezzy Ln, M MR EH
Military Dr, M ER EH
Mill St, Fayetteville FE WW
Mill St, Manlius ER EH
Mintwood Ln, F MR WW
Morley Ln, M FE WW
Mott Rd, F MR WW
Moulter St, M FE WW
Muirfield Dr, F FE WW
Mulberry Ln, M ER EH
Muscovy Ln, M ER EH


N Brookhill Dr, M MR EH
N Burdick St, F MR WW (#100-5590; higher=East Syracuse-Minoa)
N Eagle Village Rd, M ER EH (#4944-5062)
N Eagle Village Rd, M FE WW (#5073-5167)
N Manlius Rd, F FE WW (4 digit #s; #5481-5622; higher=East Syracuse-Minoa)
N Manlius St, F FE WW (3 digit #s)
N Park St, F FE WW
No 2 Road East, M ER EH (#8264-8636)
No 2 Road West, M ER EH (#7963-8215)
North St, Fayetteville FE WW
North St, Manlius FE WW
Northfield Ln, M MR WW
Northgate Dr, M ER EH


Oakwood St, F FE WW
Odyssey Dr, M ER EH
Old East Dyke Way, F FE WW
Old Erie View Dr, F FE WW
Old Farm Rd, F FE WW
Old Orchard Ct, M MR EH
Old Powder Mill Rd, F FE WW
Old Quarry Rd, F MR WW (#6900-6937; 6929=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Old Sunridge Dr, M ER EH
Oran Delphi Rd, M ER EH (#3545-4272; less=Cazenovia Schools)
Oran Gulf Rd, M ER EH (#3393-4154; less=Cazenovia Schools)
Oran Station Rd, M ER EH
Orchard St, F FE WW
Owahgena Rd, M ER EH (#8882-8952 evens; rest=Cazenovia Schools)


Page Hollow Pl, F MR WW
Palmer Dr, Fayetteville MR WW
Palmer Rd, Manlius ER EH (#4100s-5200s; 4161,4163,4228=Cazenovia)
Palmer Rd, Chittenango ER EH (#5300s-5400s; 5321,5325,5329=Chittenango)
Park Dr, M FE WW
N Park St, F FE WW
S Park St, F FE WW
Pauli Dr, M MR EH
Peck Hill Rd, M ER EH (#8552-8916; higher=Cazenovia Schools)
Pembroke Dr, Manlius ER EH
Pembrook Dr, Fayetteville MR WW
Penny Ln, M ER EH
Penstock Way, M ER EH
Penwood Ln, F FE WW
Pewter Ln, M ER EH
Pierson Rd, F FE WW (#5685-5744; higher=East Syracuse-Minoa)
Pine Bluff Cir, M MR EH
Pine Ridge Rd, F FE WW
Pine St, M MR EH
Pine Valley Dr, F MR WW (#5014-5037; 5036=Jamesville-DeWitt: Higher # than 5037=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Pleasant St, M FE WW
W Pleasant St, M FE WW
Plum Ridge Cir, F FE WW
Pompey Center Rd, M ER EH (#3551-4594; less=Cazenovia Schools)
Pompey Pines Dr, M ER EH
Post Rd, M MR WW
Pratts Ln, F FE WW
Preserve Pkwy, M ER EH
Prestwick Dr, M ER EH


Quarry Rd, M MR EH
Queen Victoria Cir, M ER EH


Ravenswood Ln, M MR EH
Ravine Rd, F FE WW
Red Fox Dr, M MR EH
Red Pine Rd, M MR WW
Red Spruce Ln, M MR EH
Red Velvet Rd, M ER EH
Redcoat Cir, M FE WW
Redfield Ave, F FE WW
Regiment Way, M ER EH
Reis Cir, F MR WW
Rhinehart Cir, M MR EH
Right Field Pl, M FE WW
Ringnecked Path, M ER EH
Rolling Ridge Dr, M MR EH
Russell Ln, M MR EH
Rustic Ln, M ER EH


S Brookhill Dr, M MR EH
S Burdick St, F MR WW
S Eagle Village Rd, M ER EH
S Manlius St, F FE WW (3 digit #s; becomes F-M Rd at Hunt Ln)
S Park St, F FE WW
Sabre Ln, M ER EH
Saddlebrook Dr, F MR WW
Sagebrush Cir, M ER EH
Salt Springs St, Fayetteville FE WW (3 digit #s)
Salt Springs Rd, Fayetteville FE WW (4 digit #s; #7700-8001)
Salt Springs Rd, Manlius ER EH (#8060-8699)
Salt Springs Rd, Chittenango ER EH (#8700-8827)
Sandstone Way, F FE WW
Scoville Ave, M FE WW
Second St, F MR WW
E Seneca St, Manlius 3 digit #s: odds=FE+WW evens=ER+EH
E Seneca Turnpike, Manlius ER EH (4 digit #s through #8667; higher=Chitt)
W Seneca St, Manlius MR EH (3 digit #s; except #311=MR+WW)
Carriage House East Apts: use 311 W Seneca St, M =MR+WW
Brookside East Apts: use 312 W Seneca St, M =MR+EH
W Seneca Turnpike, Manlius 4 digit #s: odds=MR+WW evens=MR+EH
E Seneca Turnpike, Jamesville MR EH (#7156-7280 evens; extension W.Seneca Tpk, Manlius)
Sevier Rd, J ER EH (#7191 only; rest=Fabius-Pompey)
Shadow Rock, M ER EH
Shady Ln, F FE WW
Shalimar Way, F MR WW
Sheffield Ln, F FE WW
Sherbrooke Rd, M FE WW
Shiraz Ln, F FE WW
Signal Hill Rd, F FE WW
Silkweed Cir, M ER EH
Silverwood Dr, M MR WW
Sims Pl, F MR WW
Sleepy Hollow Rd, F FE WW
Slippery Rock, M ER EH
Smith St, M FE WW
Solomon Seal Ln, M ER EH
Somerset Ln, M FE WW
South St, F FE WW
Southfield Dr, F FE WW
Spectrum Way, F FE WW
Spinecobb Ln, J ER EH
Spring St, F FE WW
Springview Dr, F FE WW
Spruce Ridge Dr, M MR EH
Spyglass Ln, F MR WW
Squirrel Corn Ln, M ER EH
Stanwood Ln, M MR WW
Star Gaze Cir, F MR WW
State Route #5, Chittenango FE WW (used in place of E. Genesee St, Chittenango)
Stephanie Dr, M ER EH
Stickley Dr, M FE WW
Stirrup Run, Chitt FE WW (some are Chittenango Schools)
Stonecrest Dr, M ER EH
Stonegage Dr, F MR WW
Stonehedge Ln, M FE WW
Stoneledge Ln, M MR WW
Stratford Way, M ER EH
Stratus Cir, M ER EH
Strawberry Ln, M ER EH
Strawmount Trl, Chittenango FE WW
Sturbridge Dr, M MR EH
Suburban Park Dr, M ER EH
Sugarland Dr, M ER EH
Summerview Dr, F FE WW
Sweet Rd, Jamesville ER EH (#3578-3978; less=Fabius-Pompey)
Sweet Rd, Manlius MR EH (#4162-4505; only #4378,4501,+4505=Fayetteville-Manlius)
Sweet Rd, Manlius MR WW (#4594-4899)
Sweet Cherry St, M FE WW
Swissvale Dr, M MR EH


Tall Oaks Dr, F MR WW
Tanglewood Ln, M MR WW
Thatchwood Dr, M MR WW
Thermold Dr, M MR EH
Thimblerock Cir, M ER EH
Third St, F MR WW
Thompson St, F MR WW
Thorntree Hill Dr, F MR WW (most are Jamesville-DeWitt; call D.O.)
Thornwood Ln, F FE WW
Tinderbox Cir, M ER EH
Town House Cir, F FE WW
Town House East Apts FE WW (use 128 W Pleasant St)
Townsend Rd, Fayetteville FE WW (#5700s+5800s)
Townsend Rd, Manlius ER EH (#5190-5477)
Travertine Pl, M MR EH
Treetops Cir, M MR EH
Tremain Dr, F FE WW
Tremblant Cir, M ER EH
Trillium Trl, M ER EH
Troop K Rd, M MR WW
Trout Lily Ln, M ER EH
Tuft Rd, M ER EH
Turnberry Dr, M ER EH
Turnstone Dr, M ER EH
Twin Pines Dr, M MR EH
Tyler Ct, M MR EH


Valerie Cir, F MR WW
Valerie Dr, F MR WW
Vanida Ln, F FE WW
Vassar Dr, M ER EH
Verbeck Dr, M ER EH
Vollmer Rd, F FE WW


W Franklin St, F FE WW
W Genesee St, F MR WW (#100s + 200s – mostly businesses)
W Pleasant St, M FE WW
W Seneca St, M MR EH (3 digit #s; except #311=MR+WW)
Carriage House East Apts: use 311 W Seneca St, M=MR+WW
Brookside East Apts: use 312 W Seneca St, M=MR+EH
W Seneca Turnpike, M 4 digit #s: odds=MR+WW evens=MR+EH
Wakefield Dr, F MR WW
Walnut St, F FE WW
Waltham Cir, M MR EH
Waltham Dr, M MR EH
Warner Rd, F MR WW
Warren St, F FE WW
Washington Blvd, Fayetteville MR WW
Washington St, Fayetteville FE WW
Washington St, Manlius ER EH
Watch Hill Rd, M MR WW
Waterford Wood Way, F MR WW (#5099-5113; higher=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Watergap, M ER EH
Watervale Rd, M ER EH (#3961-4232)
Watervale Rd, M MR EH (#4237-4514)
Wellwood Dr, F FE WW
Wesley St, M FE WW
Westbrook Cir, M MR EH
Westfield Dr, M ER EH
Wheeler Ave, F FE WW
Whetstone Rd, M ER EH
Whispering Stream Way, F FE WW
Whistler Cir, M ER EH
Whistling Swan Ln, M ER EH
White Heron Cir, F FE WW
White Pine Path, M MR EH
Whitney Farm Ln, J ER EH
Widgeon Path, M ER EH
Wilbarham Run, M ER EH
Wild Lemon Ln, M ER EH
Wildwood Ridge Apts, F MR WW (use 5100 Highbridge St, F)
Will O Wind Dr, J MR WW
Willowbrook Ln, M FE WW
Windbrooke Rd, M ER EH
Winding Creek Rd, M ER EH
Windsbury Cir, M ER EH
Wisteria Cir, M ER EH
Woodbox Rd, M ER EH
Woodbridge Dr, M ER EH
Woodchuck Hill Rd, Fayetteville MR WW (#6683-7409; 6793+7187=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Woodchuck Hill Rd, Jamesville MR WW (#6523-6675; 6545=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Woodcroft Ln, F FE WW
Woodmancy Ln, F FE WW
Woodview Ter, F FE WW
Wren Cir, F MR WW
Wynnridge Rd, F FE WW


Yeaworth Ln, M FE WW