Reopening F-M Schools

Fayetteville-Manlius School District 2020-21 School Reopening Plan. Reopening advisory committees with representation from all stakeholder groups helped shape the reopening plan, which is based on all available guidance from state and public health agencies. For updated COVID-19 information from the school district, including important notices, learning and childcare resources, and food distribution plans, please go to this page.

District Street List with Corresponding School Zones


School Zones

EH: Eagle Hill Middle School
ER: Enders Road Elementary School
FE: Fayetteville Elementary School
MR: Mott Road Elementary School
WW: Wellwood Middle School


F: Fayetteville
M: Manlius

Street List

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, V, W, Y


Abington Cir, Manlius,  ER EH
Academy St, Fay FE WW
Academy St, Man ER EH
Adah Dr, M FE WW
Aladdin Dr, F FE WW
Alley Way, M ER EH
Amelia Trl, M ER EH
Anglia St, M ER EH
Appletree Ridge, M MR WW
Arbutus Dr, M ER EH
Armstrong Rd, M MR WW
Artisan Way, M ER EH
Ashlind Cir, M ER EH
Audubon Rd, F MR WW
Austin Dr South, M ER EH
Austrian Pine Cir, M MR EH
Avriel Dr, F MR WW
Aylesbury Path, M ER EH


Balmoral Dr, F FE WW
Barberry Ln, M MR WW
Barker Ln, F FE WW
Barksdale Ln, M ER EH
Beech St, F FE WW
Bentbrook Dr, M ER EH
Berklin Dr, F MR WW
Berkshire Pkwy, M FE WW
Bishop Dr, F FE WW
Bishop’s Glen, F FE WW
Black Spruce Cir, M MR EH
Blarney Stone Way, M ER EH
Bluffview Dr, M ER EH
Bonniebrae Ter, F FE WW
Brae Leure Rd, M ER EH
Brandywine Dr, M MR EH
Braxton Cir, F MR WW
Briar Brook Run, F FE WW
Briarwood Cir, M MR WW
Briarwood Ln, M MR WW
Brickyard Falls Rd, M MR EH
Brinan Fields Run, M ER EH
Bristol Rd, F MR WW
Britain Rd, F MR WW
Broadfield Rd, M ER EH (#7551-8100s; less=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Brookhill Dr North, M MR EH
Brookhill Dr South, M MR EH
Brooklea Dr, F FE WW
Brookside Ln, F FE WW
Brookside East Apts, M MR EH (use 312 W Seneca St, M)
Brown-Gulf Rd, J ER EH (#7626+7656 only; rest=Fabius-Pompey)
N Burdick St, F MR WW (#100-5590; higher=East Syracuse-Minoa)
S Burdick St, F MR WW
Burke Rd, J ER EH
Burlington Dr, M FE WW
Buttonvale Rd, F FE WW
Byron Rd, F MR WW


Cahill Rd, M FE WW
Cammot Ln, F FE WW
Candy Ln, M FE WW
Canterbury Dr, M FE WW
Canyonwood Ln, J ER EH
Carey Ct, M FE WW
Carey Dr, M FE WW
Carnoustie Ln, M ER EH
Carriage House East Apts MR WW (use 311 W Seneca St, M)
Cascades Dr, M MR WW
Cashin Dr, F FE WW
Cavalry Cir, M FE WW
Cavalry Green Dr, M MR WW
Cazenovia Rd, Cazenovia ER EH (#8681-8779; higher=Cazenovia Schools)
Cazenovia Rd, Manlius ER EH (#8034-8675)
Cedar Bay Rd, F MR WW (some JD & ESM)
Cedar Heights Dr, Fay MR WW (only 2 houses in Fayetteville: #100+101)
Cedar Heights Dr, James MR WW
Cedar Ln, J MR WW
Cedar St, F FE WW
Center St, F FE WW
Centerfield Ct, M FE WW
Chadwick Cir, J ER EH
Changing Seasons Cir, F FE WW
Chapel St, F FE WW
Charlemont Dr, M MR EH
Chatham Dr, M ER EH
Cherry Ln, M FE WW
Cheviot Ct, F FE WW
Chippendale Dr, M ER EH
Chittenango Rd, M: ER EH (use E Seneca Tpk, M)
Churchill Ct, F FE WW (#500-615)
Churchill Ln, F FE WW (#100-428)
Cirrus Ct, M ER EH
Clark Ln, M FE WW
Clark Rd, F FE WW
Clearwater Cir, M MR EH
Cleveland Blvd, F MR WW
Clinton St, Fayetteville FE WW
Clinton St, Manlius FE WW
Collin Ave, F FE WW
Commandant Way, M ER EH
Concord Pl, F FE WW
Cone Wood Trl, M MR EH
Corsica Ln, M ER EH
Craine Dr, M ER EH
Cranberry Ln, F MR WW
Creekcrest Cir, M ER EH


Dabney Ln, F MR WW
Dartmoor Crossing, F MR WW
Dartmouth Cir, M ER EH
Dawley Rd, F FE WW
Decoy Run, M ER EH
Deer Crossing Run, M ER EH
Dogwood Ln, M MR WW
Dover Rd, F MR WW
Draycott Rd, F MR WW
Drinkwater Ln, M ER EH
Druids’ Glen, M ER EH
Duane Dr, F MR WW
Duguid Rd, Fayetteville FE WW (#5136-5490)
Duguid Rd, Manlius FE WW (#4870-5127)
Dunhill Rd, F FE WW
Duvall Cir, M ER EH
Duxbury Cir, M MR EH
Dycus Cir, M ER EH


E Franklin St, F FE WW
E Genesee St, Chittenango FE WW (#8638-8851)
E Genesee St, F FE WW (#100-8633; except #7067-7320)
E Genesee St, F MR WW (#7067-7320)
E Seneca St, M 3 digit #s: odds=FE+WW evens=ER+EH
E Seneca Turnpike, M ER EH (4 digit #s through #8667; higher=Chittenango)
N Eagle Village Rd, M ER EH (#4944-5062)
N Eagle Village Rd, M FE WW (#5073-5167)
S Eagle Village Rd, M ER EH
East Ridge Pointe Dr, F FE WW
Edgemere Ln, F FE WW
Edgewood Pkwy, F FE WW
Edgeworth Dr, M ER EH
Edwards Falls Ln, M ER EH
Edwards Ln, F FE WW
Eldridge Rd, M ER EH
Elkhorn Rd, M FE WW
Elm St, F FE WW
Elmbrook Dr, M FE WW
Emblem Cir, M ER EH
Enders Rd, M ER EH
Equestrian Ridge, M ER EH
Eton Ln, M FE WW
Euclid Dr, F MR WW
Eureka Dr, M FE WW
Eventyde Cir, M MR EH
Everglades Dr, M MR EH


Fairfield St, F FE WW
Fairgrounds Dr, M MR EH
Fairhurst Ave, M FE WW
Fairlawn Dr, F MR WW
Fallen Oaks Ln, M ER EH
Falling Brook Path, F FE WW
Fanlight Cir, M MR WW
Farley Ln, M MR EH
Farmington Rd, M MR WW
Fawn Ridge, M MR EH
Fayette Cir, Fay etteville MR WW
Fayette Dr, Fayetteville MR WW
Fayette St, Manlius FE WW
Feeder St, F FE WW
Ferris Ln, F FE WW
Fieldstone Dr, F FE WW
Firebird Ln, M MR EH
Firethorn Cir, M ER EH
First St, F MR WW
Fitch St , F MR WW
Flagpole Cir, M ER EH
Flume Rd, M ER EH
Foxcroft Ln, F FE WW
Frank Long Rd, J ER EH (#6955-7185; less=Fabius-Pompey)
E Franklin St, F FE WW
W Franklin St, F FE WW
Franklin St, M FE WW
Fraser Fir Dr, M MR EH
Front Royal Cir, F FE WW


Gadwall Ln, M ER EH
Garrett Dr, M FE WW
Gates Rd, Jamesville ER EH (#3900s-7500s; 4100,4200,4300,4400s=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Gates Rd, Manlius ER EH (#7637-7779)
Gazebo Path, F MR WW
E Genesee St, Chitt FE WW (#8638-8851)
E Genesee St, F FE WW (#100-8633, except #7067-7320)
E Genesee St, F MR WW (#7067-7320)
W Genesee St, F MR WW (#100s + 200s – mostly businesses)
George Taylor Rd, F FE WW
Gibbs Rd, M ER EH
Glen Eagle Dr, M ER EH
Glencliffe Rd, M MR WW
Golden Heights Dr, F FE WW
Green Lakes Rd, F FE WW (#8454-8590; less=East Syracuse-Minoa)
Green St, F FE WW
Greenridge Dr, M FE WW
Griffin Dr, F MR WW
Gulf Rd, Chittenango ER EH (#5500s)
Gulf Rd, Chittenango FE WW (#5600+5700s)


Hadley Ln, M ER EH
Hale Rd, M ER EH
Halite Course, F FE WW
Hand Hewn Way, M ER EH
Hanson Way, F FE WW
Hartsfield Pl, M ER EH
Harwich Dr, M MR EH
Harwick Ter, M ER EH
Haystack Ln, Chittenango FE WW
Henderson Rd, J ER EH (#6996 only; rest=JD+FP)
Henneberry Rd, Jamesv ille ER EH (#3717-3900; #3724+3754=Fabius-Pompey)
Henneberry Rd, Manlius ER EH (#4016-4198; #4183=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Henneberry Rd, Manlius MR EH (#4202-4550; #4205,4227,4287+4297=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Henschke Dr, F FE WW
Hepatica Hill Rd, M ER EH
Hepplewhite Dr, M ER EH
Heritage Cir, M MR EH
Heritage Way, M FE WW (Town House East Apts; use 128 W Pleasant St, M)
Highbridge St, Fayetteville MR WW
Highbridge Rd, Fayetteville MR WW (#7000s-7300s; #7000-7154 evens=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Highbridge Rd, Fayetteville FE WW (#7400s)
Highbridge Rd, Manlius FE WW (#7500-7600s)
Highbridge Ln, Fayetteville MR WW
Highbridge Ter, Fayetteville MR WW
Hillside Dr, M FE WW
Hillview Cir, M ER EH
Hoag Ln, F FE WW
Hobnail, M ER EH
Homewood Dr, F MR WW
Horseshoe Ln, Chittenango ER EH
Horsey Ln, Chittenango FE WW (some are Chittenango Schools)
Hoylake Dr, M ER EH
Hunt Dr, F MR WW
Hunt Ln, F FE WW
Hunters’ Ridge Dr, M MR EH
Huntington Ln, M ER EH
Huntleigh Ave, F FE WW
Huntshill Rd, M FE WW
Huntwood Path, M FE WW
Hyde Rd, M ER EH


Iliad Dr, M ER EH
Indian Hill Rd, M ER EH
Irish Mist Ln, M ER EH


Jack in the Pulpit, M ER EH
Jackson Rd, F FE WW
James St, F FE WW
Jarvis Dr, M MR EH
John St, F FE WW


Karakul Ln, F FE WW
Kehoe Ln, M ER EH
Kelly Dr, M FE WW
Kennedy St, F MR WW
Kenny St, F MR WW
Kessler Ln, F FE WW
Kevan Cir, M FE WW
Killarney Ln, M ER EH
Kimball Rd, M ER EH
Kimry Moor, F MR WW
Kinderlane, Jamesville ER EH
King Rd, M MR WW
Kinloch Cir, F FE WW
Kittiwake Run, M ER EH
Knighthood Cir, F FE WW


Lafayette Ln, F FE WW
Lakeview Dr, F MR WW
Lamp Post Cir, M ER EH
Lamplighter Ln, M MR WW
Landgrove Dr, F FE WW
Ledyard Ave, Fayetteville FE WW
Ledyard Dr, Manlius FE WW
Left Field Course, M FE WW
Lewis Ln, F FE WW
Liberty Ln, M ER EH
Limberlost Ln, M MR WW
Limber Pine Cir, M MR EH
Limestone Dr, M ER EH
Limestone Plz, F FE WW (use Brooklea Dr, F)
Lincoln Ave, F FE WW
Linden Ln, F FE WW
Linkside Dr, M MR WW
Linwood Ln, M ER EH
Luan Cir, J MR WW
Lythim Cir, M ER EH


MacClenthen Rd, M ER EH
N Manlius St, F FE WW (3 digit #s)
N Manlius Rd, F FE WW (4 digit #s; #5481-5622; higher=East Syracuse-Minoa)
S Manlius St, F FE WW (3 digit #s; becomes F-M Rd at Hunt Ln)
Maple Dr, F MR WW (#717,728,731 only; rest=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Marangale Rd, M FE WW
Margo Ln, F FE WW
Market Place Dr, M ER EH
Marmot Cir, Jamesville MR WW (#6545=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Masonic Way, M FE WW
McClennan Dr, F MR WW
McDermott Rd, M FE WW
Meadow Dr, F FE WW
Meadowridge Rd, M MR WW
Meadowview Ct, M ER EH
Mechanic St, F FE WW
Memory Ln, M FE WW
Merrimac Dr, M ER EH
Mezzy Ln, M MR EH
Military Dr, M ER EH
Mill St, Fayetteville FE WW
Mill St, Manlius ER EH
Mintwood Ln, F MR WW
Morley Ln, M FE WW
Mott Rd, F MR WW
Moulter St, M FE WW
Muirfield Dr, F FE WW
Mulberry Ln, M ER EH
Muscovy Ln, M ER EH


N Brookhill Dr, M MR EH
N Burdick St, F MR WW (#100-5590; higher=East Syracuse-Minoa)
N Eagle Village Rd, M ER EH (#4944-5062)
N Eagle Village Rd, M FE WW (#5073-5167)
N Manlius Rd, F FE WW (4 digit #s; #5481-5622; higher=East Syracuse-Minoa)
N Manlius St, F FE WW (3 digit #s)
N Park St, F FE WW
No 2 Road East, M ER EH (#8264-8636)
No 2 Road West, M ER EH (#7963-8215)
North St, Fayetteville FE WW
North St, Manlius FE WW
Northfield Ln, M MR WW
Northgate Dr, M ER EH


Oakwood St, F FE WW
Odyssey Dr, M ER EH
Old East Dyke Way, F FE WW
Old Erie View Dr, F FE WW
Old Farm Rd, F FE WW
Old Orchard Ct, M MR EH
Old Powder Mill Rd, F FE WW
Old Quarry Rd, F MR WW (#6900-6937; 6929=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Old Sunridge Dr, M ER EH
Oran Delphi Rd, M ER EH (#3545-4272; less=Cazenovia Schools)
Oran Gulf Rd, M ER EH (#3393-4154; less=Cazenovia Schools)
Oran Station Rd, M ER EH
Orchard St, F FE WW
Owahgena Rd, M ER EH (#8882-8952 evens; rest=Cazenovia Schools)


Page Hollow Pl, F MR WW
Palmer Dr, Fayetteville MR WW
Palmer Rd, Manlius ER EH (#4100s-5200s; 4161,4163,4228=Cazenovia)
Palmer Rd, Chittenango ER EH (#5300s-5400s; 5321,5325,5329=Chittenango)
Park Dr, M FE WW
N Park St, F FE WW
S Park St, F FE WW
Pauli Dr, M MR EH
Peck Hill Rd, M ER EH (#8552-8916; higher=Cazenovia Schools)
Pembroke Dr, Manlius ER EH
Pembrook Dr, Fayetteville MR WW
Penny Ln, M ER EH
Penstock Way, M ER EH
Penwood Ln, F FE WW
Pewter Ln, M ER EH
Pierson Rd, F FE WW (#5685-5744; higher=East Syracuse-Minoa)
Pine Bluff Cir, M MR EH
Pine Ridge Rd, F FE WW
Pine St, M MR EH
Pine Valley Dr, F MR WW (#5014-5037; 5036=Jamesville-DeWitt: Higher # than 5037=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Pleasant St, M FE WW
W Pleasant St, M FE WW
Plum Ridge Cir, F FE WW
Pompey Center Rd, M ER EH (#3551-4594; less=Cazenovia Schools)
Pompey Pines Dr, M ER EH
Post Rd, M MR WW
Pratts Ln, F FE WW
Preserve Pkwy, M ER EH
Prestwick Dr, M ER EH


Quarry Rd, M MR EH
Queen Victoria Cir, M ER EH


Ravenswood Ln, M MR EH
Ravine Rd, F FE WW
Red Fox Dr, M MR EH
Red Pine Rd, M MR WW
Red Spruce Ln, M MR EH
Red Velvet Rd, M ER EH
Redcoat Cir, M FE WW
Redfield Ave, F FE WW
Regiment Way, M ER EH
Reis Cir, F MR WW
Rhinehart Cir, M MR EH
Right Field Pl, M FE WW
Ringnecked Path, M ER EH
Rolling Ridge Dr, M MR EH
Russell Ln, M MR EH
Rustic Ln, M ER EH


S Brookhill Dr, M MR EH
S Burdick St, F MR WW
S Eagle Village Rd, M ER EH
S Manlius St, F FE WW (3 digit #s; becomes F-M Rd at Hunt Ln)
S Park St, F FE WW
Sabre Ln, M ER EH
Saddlebrook Dr, F MR WW
Sagebrush Cir, M ER EH
Salt Springs St, Fayetteville FE WW (3 digit #s)
Salt Springs Rd, Fayetteville FE WW (4 digit #s; #7700-8001)
Salt Springs Rd, Manlius ER EH (#8060-8699)
Salt Springs Rd, Chittenango ER EH (#8700-8827)
Sandstone Way, F FE WW
Scoville Ave, M FE WW
Second St, F MR WW
E Seneca St, Manlius 3 digit #s: odds=FE+WW evens=ER+EH
E Seneca Turnpike, Manlius ER EH (4 digit #s through #8667; higher=Chitt)
W Seneca St, Manlius MR EH (3 digit #s; except #311=MR+WW)
Carriage House East Apts: use 311 W Seneca St, M =MR+WW
Brookside East Apts: use 312 W Seneca St, M =MR+EH
W Seneca Turnpike, Manlius 4 digit #s: odds=MR+WW evens=MR+EH
E Seneca Turnpike, Jamesville MR EH (#7156-7280 evens; extension W.Seneca Tpk, Manlius)
Sevier Rd, J ER EH (#7191 only; rest=Fabius-Pompey)
Shadow Rock, M ER EH
Shady Ln, F FE WW
Shalimar Way, F MR WW
Sheffield Ln, F FE WW
Sherbrooke Rd, M FE WW
Shiraz Ln, F FE WW
Signal Hill Rd, F FE WW
Silkweed Cir, M ER EH
Silverwood Dr, M MR WW
Sims Pl, F MR WW
Sleepy Hollow Rd, F FE WW
Slippery Rock, M ER EH
Smith St, M FE WW
Solomon Seal Ln, M ER EH
Somerset Ln, M FE WW
South St, F FE WW
Southfield Dr, F FE WW
Spectrum Way, F FE WW
Spinecobb Ln, J ER EH
Spring St, F FE WW
Springview Dr, F FE WW
Spruce Ridge Dr, M MR EH
Spyglass Ln, F MR WW
Squirrel Corn Ln, M ER EH
Stanwood Ln, M MR WW
Star Gaze Cir, F MR WW
State Route #5, Chittenango FE WW (used in place of E. Genesee St, Chittenango)
Stephanie Dr, M ER EH
Stickley Dr, M FE WW
Stirrup Run, Chitt FE WW (some are Chittenango Schools)
Stonecrest Dr, M ER EH
Stonegage Dr, F MR WW
Stonehedge Ln, M FE WW
Stoneledge Ln, M MR WW
Stratford Way, M ER EH
Stratus Cir, M ER EH
Strawberry Ln, M ER EH
Strawmount Trl, Chittenango FE WW
Sturbridge Dr, M MR EH
Suburban Park Dr, M ER EH
Sugarland Dr, M ER EH
Summerview Dr, F FE WW
Sweet Rd, Jamesville ER EH (#3578-3978; less=Fabius-Pompey)
Sweet Rd, Manlius MR EH (#4162-4505; only #4378,4501,+4505=Fayetteville-Manlius)
Sweet Rd, Manlius MR WW (#4594-4899)
Sweet Cherry St, M FE WW
Swissvale Dr, M MR EH


Tall Oaks Dr, F MR WW
Tanglewood Ln, M MR WW
Thatchwood Dr, M MR WW
Thermold Dr, M MR EH
Thimblerock Cir, M ER EH
Third St, F MR WW
Thompson St, F MR WW
Thorntree Hill Dr, F MR WW (most are Jamesville-DeWitt; call D.O.)
Thornwood Ln, F FE WW
Tinderbox Cir, M ER EH
Town House Cir, F FE WW
Town House East Apts FE WW (use 128 W Pleasant St)
Townsend Rd, Fayetteville FE WW (#5700s+5800s)
Townsend Rd, Manlius ER EH (#5190-5477)
Travertine Pl, M MR EH
Treetops Cir, M MR EH
Tremain Dr, F FE WW
Tremblant Cir, M ER EH
Trillium Trl, M ER EH
Troop K Rd, M MR WW
Trout Lily Ln, M ER EH
Tuft Rd, M ER EH
Turnberry Dr, M ER EH
Turnstone Dr, M ER EH
Twin Pines Dr, M MR EH
Tyler Ct, M MR EH


Valerie Cir, F MR WW
Valerie Dr, F MR WW
Vanida Ln, F FE WW
Vassar Dr, M ER EH
Verbeck Dr, M ER EH
Vollmer Rd, F FE WW


W Franklin St, F FE WW
W Genesee St, F MR WW (#100s + 200s – mostly businesses)
W Pleasant St, M FE WW
W Seneca St, M MR EH (3 digit #s; except #311=MR+WW)
Carriage House East Apts: use 311 W Seneca St, M=MR+WW
Brookside East Apts: use 312 W Seneca St, M=MR+EH
W Seneca Turnpike, M 4 digit #s: odds=MR+WW evens=MR+EH
Wakefield Dr, F MR WW
Walnut St, F FE WW
Waltham Cir, M MR EH
Waltham Dr, M MR EH
Warner Rd, F MR WW
Warren St, F FE WW
Washington Blvd, Fayetteville MR WW
Washington St, Fayetteville FE WW
Washington St, Manlius ER EH
Watch Hill Rd, M MR WW
Waterford Wood Way, F MR WW (#5099-5113; higher=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Watergap, M ER EH
Watervale Rd, M ER EH (#3961-4232)
Watervale Rd, M MR EH (#4237-4514)
Wellwood Dr, F FE WW
Wesley St, M FE WW
Westbrook Cir, M MR EH
Westfield Dr, M ER EH
Wheeler Ave, F FE WW
Whetstone Rd, M ER EH
Whispering Stream Way, F FE WW
Whistler Cir, M ER EH
Whistling Swan Ln, M ER EH
White Heron Cir, F FE WW
White Pine Path, M MR EH
Whitney Farm Ln, J ER EH
Widgeon Path, M ER EH
Wilbarham Run, M ER EH
Wild Lemon Ln, M ER EH
Wildwood Ridge Apts, F MR WW (use 5100 Highbridge St, F)
Will O Wind Dr, J MR WW
Willowbrook Ln, M FE WW
Windbrooke Rd, M ER EH
Winding Creek Rd, M ER EH
Windsbury Cir, M ER EH
Wisteria Cir, M ER EH
Woodbox Rd, M ER EH
Woodbridge Dr, M ER EH
Woodchuck Hill Rd, Fayetteville MR WW (#6683-7409; 6793+7187=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Woodchuck Hill Rd, Jamesville MR WW (#6523-6675; 6545=Jamesville-DeWitt)
Woodcroft Ln, F FE WW
Woodmancy Ln, F FE WW
Woodview Ter, F FE WW
Wren Cir, F MR WW
Wynnridge Rd, F FE WW


Yeaworth Ln, M FE WW