School Counseling Plan: Foundation

School counselors create comprehensive school counseling programs that focus on student outcomes, teach student competencies and are delivered with identified professional competencies. (ASCA)

F-M School Counseling Program Vision Statement

All students in the Fayetteville-Manlius School District achieve personal success and have the skills and knowledge to be responsible and productive citizens.

F-M School Counseling Program Mission Statement

Our comprehensive school counseling program promotes the development of a positive school climate where students are empowered to meet their academic, personal and career goals and achieve their highest potential. We encourage student self-advocacy, accountability, and excellence in character. We partner with families, other educators and the greater school community to advocate for equity and access for all students. 

F-M School Counselor Belief Statements

Our beliefs about students:

  • All students matter.
  • All students want to do and be the best that they can.
  • All students want to belong and connect with others.
  • All students are capable of setting and achieving goals.
  • All students have adults at school that care about them and support their independence, learning and growth.

Our beliefs about school counselors:

  • The school counselor advocates for all students, respecting and honoring their diverse backgrounds and needs.
  • The school counselor acts with positive intention, recognizing and responding to the needs of students, staff, and families in the school community.
  • The school counselor collaborates with others to create an accepting and inclusive school environment for all students.

Student Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success

As a result of a comprehensive counseling program, students will develop skills, mindsets and behaviors in each of the following domains.

  • Academic Development – Standards support and maximize each student’s ability to learn
  • Career Development – Standards help students understand the connection between school and the world of work, and to plan for and make a successful transition from school to post-secondary education and/or the world of work
  • Social/Emotional Development – Standards help students manage emotions and learn and manage appropriate interpersonal skills

School counselors use these standards to assess student growth and development, guide the activities and create a program that helps students find success in all areas of their lives. To incorporate the standards, school counselors select competencies to implement in classroom lessons, small groups and activities. The competencies directly reflect the vision, mission and goals of the comprehensive school counseling program and the District’s vision and mission.

Professional Standards and Competencies

The Fayetteville-Manlius school counselors will adhere to the ASCA School Counselor Professional Standards & Competencies which outlines mindsets and behaviors for school counselors. These standards and competencies help ensure new and experienced school counselors are equipped to establish, maintain and enhance a comprehensive school counseling program addressing academic achievement, college/career planning and social/emotional development.

Program Implementation

Every Fayetteville-Manlius student is assigned to a counselor.

Grades K-4

There is one counselor in each elementary school who services all students in his/her respective building.

Grades 5-8

There are two counselors in each middle school. One counselor serves grades 5 and 7, the other serves grades 6 and 8. The counselors move up with the students (Grade 5/7 counselor becomes Grade 6/8 counselor the following year and vice versa) so that the students have the same counselor for all four years of middle school.

Grades 9-12

There are seven counselors in the high school. The students are assigned alphabetically by last name so that each counselor has students at each grade level. The counselors stay with their assigned students for all four years.