Chromebook Information


Device is on, but the screen is black and will not wake
  1. Push and hold the power button until the device powers off completely (15-30 seconds).
  2. After it powers off, close the lid. Count to 10, then reopen the Chromebook.

It will power on and should display

Chromebook will not power up/will not remain powered up
  1. Close the lid and plug the device into your charger. Wait for the orange charging light to appear.
  2. Open the lid – the device should power on.

If the device will not power on, seek help in the computer lab.

Keyboard is not generating characters and punctuation on screen correctly
  1. At the bottom right of your screen, you will see the time, battery indicator, and the selected keyboard. It should be set to US.
  2. If it is set to something different, click it to open the basic settings.
  3. Click the keyboard dropdown and select US.
Chromebook is abnormally slow/laggy
  1. Shut down your device. Once the power light has gone out, close the lid.
  2. Count to 10, then reopen the Chromebook. It will power on and should display.
  3. Sign in and try opening and navigating Chrome.

If it continues to run poorly, seek help in the computer lab.

If none of these steps help, drop off the Chromebook to the location below.


Each building has a location to drop off broken Chromebooks. A replacement will be provided until the repair is complete. If you have not purchased the protection plan, you will be billed accordingly. The protection plan can be found in Schoology under the School Resource folder called Technology at FM.

Chromebook Drop-Off Locations

FM High School – Drop off broken devices and pick up repaired devices in the library media center
Eagle Hill and Wellwood middle schools – Report problem to homeroom teacher. Drop off at the computer lab. 
Enders Road Elementary School – Computer lab
Fayetteville Elementary School – Computer lab
Mott Road Elementary School – Computer lab