District discontinues 12-month printed calendar; online calendar best source for event information

Parents and guardians will no longer receive a 12-month printed school-year calendar in the mail as they have in the past. 

“We have recognized that as a tool to communicate school events, the printed calendar has often caused more confusion than clarity as event dates or times sometimes change throughout the school year,” Superintendent Craig J. Tice said. 

The district and its schools will continue to update their respective Google calendars and schools will continue using Schoology to share information with families. 

“We have always directed families to the website’s calendars as the most up-to-date source for school and district events,” Tice said. “While it was a beautiful publication, it no longer met its intended purpose.”

The calendar featured student artwork, and the district is exploring other avenues for highlighting students’ artist talent, such as sharing their work on the district website.  

In addition to individual school calendars, the website includes a calendar of district-wide events and days off and a separate listing of all holidays and school breaks when classes are not in session. A one-page calendar highlighting school holidays and break dates will be emailed to families so those who wish to print a hard copy may do so.

Subscribing to district/school calendars

To subscribe to one or more of F-M’s Google calendars:

  • Sign in to a Google account (required).
  • Open a new internet browser window and navigate to the F-M school district website.
  • From the district homepage, click on “Full Calendar” at the bottom of the scrolling calendar to open all calendar options.
  • Under “More Information” select a calendar of interest.
  • Click on the Google icon at the bottom of the chosen calendar (hover over the icon to read “add to Google calendar”).
  • When prompted, click “Add.”
  • The calendar of interest will now be included in your “Other Calendars” selection within your Google account.

Sync subscribed calendar(s) to iCal*:

  • Open the iCal app on an iOS device. (iCal app credentials must match Google credentials used to subscribe to calendar.)
  • Under the “Subscribed” category, make sure the F-M calendar(s) is/are selected (box will be checked).
  • Click “Save” to update preferences.

*Directions vary based on the iOS the device is using