F-M students earn awards on 2023 National Latin Exam

More than 90 Fayetteville-Manlius School District students studying Latin received awards on the 2023 National Latin Exam, including four who earned perfect scores. 

The exam, which was administered in March, is not meant to be a competition

but rather an opportunity for students to receive reinforcement and recognition, according to the NLE website. The exam is a 40-question, multiple-choice test with a 45-minute time limit and is given at seven levels. Students may earn certificates, medals and even qualify for scholarships through participation in the exam.

The NLE is sponsored by the American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League. The exam is administered in all 50 states and 21 other countries. 

Fayetteville-Manlius High School

Christopher Shanguhyia and Nathan Liu posed for the camera in front of a bulletin board.
Juniors Christopher Shanguhyia and Nathan Liu earned their fourth consecutive gold medals on this year’s National Latin Exam.

Fifty-four students at Fayetteville-Manlius High School received awards. Freshman Morgan Fahrenkrug earned a perfect score on her exam. Juniors Nathan Liu and Christopher Shanguhyia earned their fourth consecutive gold medals with this year’s exam.

In addition to those special awards, high-school students winning gold medals and the designation of summa cum laude were juniors Sawyer Brown and Vincent Hunt; sophomores Brooke Kronenberg, Maham Iqbal, Peter Fischi and Abigail Tyler; and freshmen Samuel Dupras, William Huang, Justin Liu, Sanaa Goyal, Meghan Iles, Anna Jolly, Ashton Miller, Haris Iqbal and Chloe Lee.

Earning a silver medal and designation of maxima cum laude, or with greatest praise, were juniors Georgia Langan, Andrew Fitts, Christian Kneaskern, Aurora Santangelo and Reese Niccolls; sophomores Kelly Liu, Tess Kronenberg, Sonia LaHaye, Katherine Parmley, Henry Grenis and Samreen Mangat; and freshmen Joseph MacBlane, Alexander Wang, Landon Barfknecht, Adam Winnowicz, Nicholas Graff, Rheaa Goyal, Iris Lu, Ewan Shepard and Jackson Foster.  

Earning magna cum laude, or with great praise, designation were seniors Wyatt Steele, Lilah Poole and Sara Kronenberg; and sophomores Varna Aeleti, Alexandra Scaringe and Elizabeth Kawa. Freshmen Mara Gloo, Liam Newton, Clare Bingham, John Brose and Divina Barone Phillips also earned a magna cum laude.

Earning cum laude, or with praise, designation were juniors Olivia Barnhart and Jayanthan Karthikeyan; sophomore Mathilda Schulze; and freshmen Cole Cox and Matthew Seamans.

Eagle Hill and Wellwood middle schools

Catie standing in front of a whiteboard posing for the camera.
Wellwood seventh-grader Cathleen Edwards earned a perfect score on the 2023 National Latin Exams.

Forty Eagle Hill and Wellwood middle school students earned awards on this year’s National Latin Exam, which they took in March, as first- and second-year Latin students. 

Three students earned perfect scores on their exams. These were Eagle Hill eighth-graders Hudson Brown and Elizabeth Hansen; and Wellwood seventh-grader Cathleen Edwards.

Eagle Hill Latin I students earning gold medals and the summa cum laude designation include eighth-graders Henry Will and Nathaniel Hinman; and seventh-graders, Joshua Thompson, Gabriel Dupras, Ava Weaver and Joanne Zeng. Earning gold medals from Wellwood were eighth-graders Angie Li, Amelia Whipps, Caitlin Barrett and Stella Affeldt; and seventh-graders Lucy Diederich, Violet McCoy, Hudson Shute and Audrey Poole.

Wellwood eighth-grader Chase Jaconski earned a silver medal and maxima cum laude distinction, as did Laila Duggal and Jude Sylvester of Eagle Hill. Earning silver medals on the Introduction to Latin exam were seventh-graders Liam Kelly and Finn Vredenburgh of Eagle Hill and Madilyn Santiago of Wellwood.

Hudson Brown and Elizabeth Hansen standing in front of a whiteboard smiling and posing for the camera.
Eagle Hill eighth-grader Hudson Brown and seventh-grader Elizabeth Hansen earned perfect scores on this year’s National Latin Exam.

Earning magna cum laude awards were Wellwood eighth-graders Cain Lovy of Wellwood and Hugh Roddy, Colbie Jennings and Charlotte Mark of Eagle Hill. Seventh-graders earning magna cum laude awards were William Thayer and Charlie Phillips of Eagle Hill and Laurel Varga, Avya Mangla, Konrad Holtze, Sidney Lee and Ender Green of Wellwood.

Eighth-grader Liam Rosenberg of Wellwood earned cum laude designation on the Latin I exam, as did seventh-graders Matthew Zavaglia and Gabriella Allen of Eagle Hill and Branden LeRoy, Abigail Otte and Logan Lott of Wellwood.