F-M students earn medals on National French Contest

In March, Fayetteville-Manlius School District French-language students in grades 7-12 participated in the 2019 National French Contest, an online test of students’ listening, reading and grammar skills in French. The test is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French, and students in all 50 states and abroad compete against students with similar educational background for prizes.

The following students earned medals based on their performance on the exam.

Fayetteville-Manlius High School


Parisa Ahmed

Elena Coman

Lidia McDaniel

Laura Scalzetti


Alexander Ball

Sara Elzourkany

Sadie Fridley

Laura Haight

Daniel Li

Anna Manta

Cadence Panol

Samantha “Sammi” Rizzo

Hannah Smith

Andy Sun

Erica Westpfal

Cameron Worden


Maximilian Du

Lauren Hodgkins

Michael Khmelkov

Anny Li

Katherine Miles

Christina Nguyen

Nicole Shanguhyia

Alexis Smith

Honorable Mention

Dimitra Cappers

Matthew Crovella

Sarah Duntley

Kendra Elliott

Tochi Ezidiegwu

Justin Hanover

Greta Hanson-Schwoebel

Maurita Jeffery

Olivia Kettell

Rachel Liu

Skye Margiotta

Lauren Moroz

Zeynep Ozcelik

Jennifer Pool

Jewel Samonte

Flavia Scott

Emma Sereluca

Sarah Sharples

Lucas Souchiere

Anneke Van Slyke

Eagle Hill Middle School


Jessica Aldana (highest score in Central New York on the Level 01 exam)

Matthew Amico

Omar Bou

Madison Brown

Mary Feck


Anamika Choudhary

Patricia Justiniano

Jack Kent

Brooke Lamphere

Zoe Myint

Anna Sereluca

Honorable Mention

Somya Chakraborty

Julia Comprix

Angela Dong

Elizabeth Fischi

Sarah Karimi

Matthew Kneer

Claire Lee

Mara McBride

Tyrese Nagamos

Larissa Nicholls

Garett Rogers

Addison Salomon

Sarah Swiatlowski

Eric Yao

Wellwood Middle School


Gene Balian


Yasmine Brimelli

Molly McNany

Honorable Mention

Christopher Benedicto

Evangelos Cappers

Mae Cohen

Darren Lin

Clara Macreery

Carine Smith

Grace Vandewater

This is a group of students standing and holding paper certificates.
French 3H Period 8 winners are, from the left, Sammi Rizzo, Skye Margiotta, Kendra Elliott, Anny Li, Jennifer Pool and Nicole Shanguhyia.









A group of students stand holding paper certificates.
French 3H Period 2 winners are, from the left: Sara Elzourkany, Dimitra Cappers, Andy Sun, Sadie Fridley, Justin Hanover, Emma Sereluca and Claire Schroder.










A group of students stand holding paper certificates.
AP French (some of these students are holding their participation certificates), front row from the left, are Lauren Moroz, Sarah Duntley, Saya Hrosar, Maurita Jeffery, Alexander Ball, Caleigh Dutton, Megan Gullotta, Aiden O’Brien, Miriam Brown, Ireland Fernandez-Cosgrove and Abigail Zuber. In the back row from the left are Madelyn Schroder, Alyssa Eggert, Alea Razmjou, Nathan Paolini, Matthew Crovella, Gabriella Okigbo, Thomas Westpfal, Ethan Ferguson, Michelle Shanguhyia, Rachel Liu, Laura Haight and Daniel Li.