Business courses are designed to meet the needs of college-bound students who are considering majoring in Business, as well as for students who are interested in learning how the business world works, how to manage their own finances and how to become informed consumers. Students seeking an Advanced Regents Diploma may replace the 3-unit World Languages requirement with 5 units of Business.



40 Weeks, 1 credit, Grades 9-12

This course is a foundation for the student considering a business profession. Students will learn the principles of accounting and the entire accounting cycle. They learn to record transactions for businesses using a current computer software program. Topics for study include: double entry accounting, payroll, taxes and banking. Students also learn how to maintain financial records for sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations.


40 Weeks, 1 credit,  Grades 9-12

Students with an interest in law and students wishing to gain a deeper understanding of their rights and the legal system should enroll in Business Law. Many interesting and controversial legal issues ranging from unsafe consumer products to corporate fraud will be discussed. Other topics of study will include the legal aspects of borrowing money, insurance, property, leases and juvenile law. Students become more knowledgeable citizens and obtain an advantage in their college business program by completing this course.


20 Weeks, 1/2 credit, Grades 9-12

Sports and entertainment marketing is a growing multi-billion dollar industry that plays a significant role in our economy. Students will understand marketing concepts and theories that apply to the sports and entertainment industry. Topics of study include: publicity, sponsorship, endorsements, licensing, branding, promotions and event marketing. These marketing functions are incorporated throughout the sports and entertainment world and demonstrate how marketing impacts our everyday lives. Fantasy sports, entertainment competitions, and student driven projects will enhance student understanding of this exciting field.


20 Weeks, 1/2 credit, Grades 9-12

Do you know someone who owns their own business? Do you want to be your own boss? Did you know that seven out of 10 high school students dream about opening their own business? Many young people hesitate to venture into business enterprises because they have little or no  experience in the business world and lack training. Our global business world is ripe with vast opportunities to experience, and this course is designed as your guide to building your confidence and taking your place in business with vital management and planning skills.


20 Weeks, 1/2 credit,  Grades 10-12

This college level course is designed to give students an overview of the impact of business on society. It is intended to aid the student in obtaining a clear understanding of how contemporary business functions through the interrelationships of management, marketing and finance. Topics to be studied include: entrepreneurship, business ownership, human resource management, labor issues, ethics, stocks, finance, economics and banking. This college level business class follows the same curriculum and  requirements as the similar course at Onondaga Community College.  Students are able to earn three OCC credits at no cost.


20 Weeks, 1/2 credit, Grades 9-12

This course is designed to give you the information and tools you need to  make smart financial choices now and for the future. Topics include saving and investing, bank accounts, using credit, budgeting, preparing income taxes, buying insurance, and planning for large purchases such as automobiles and houses. Through this course you will learn how the stock and bond markets work, and the ways in which current economic situations effect everyday consumers. This is a practical, hands-on course in which you will learn strategies to manage your money and be prepared for the financial decisions you will be making throughout your life.

0525 SUPA Personal Finance

20 Weeks, 1/2 credit, Grades 11-12

This is an advanced, 3-credit college level course exploring the allocation of finite resources to meet wants and needs of households in terms of financial stability. The class covers essential aspects of budgeting, banking, saving, borrowing, credit, insurance, taxes, retirement and end-of-life considerations. The course will provide a foundation to empower students to maintain financial security and navigate the financial world ahead of them. This course is the same as Personal Finance (ECN 305) on the S.U. campus. Upon registration and payment of a tuition charge at Syracuse University, students are eligible for three hours of college credit as well as 1/2 unit of high school credit. The course will appear as Syracuse University Project Advance on the student’s transcript. If students choose to take this course for high school credit only, it will be designated as “college level” (CL) on the student’s transcript.


20 Weeks, 1/2 credit, Grades 9-12

Do you want the competitive edge to be hired and promoted in the 21st century global economy? Would you like to be prepared to take initiative and build a professional network? In this real world course, you will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to make sound career and financial decisions. Areas of study include:

  • Participation in mock interview and business simulation project
  • Design and development of an innovative product as an entrepreneur
  • Build your first professional digital footprint using programs including LinkedIn and
  • Labor laws, goal setting and personal money management